YouTube: What makes it simply the best?

YouTube: What makes it simply the best?

World’s largest video sharing platform, YouTube, has been on a roll from its inception. It is second only to Facebook in terms of visitors to the site. It has an overall 5 billion videos uploaded to its platform for the users to watch, entertain themselves, and gain knowledge from. If the statistics have it right, almost 30 million people visit YouTube every day! Although many of us are frequent visitors to YouTube, we are unaware of some of the features that it has in its armory. Here I will show you some tips:

  • Keep Away the Mouse

The majority of the YouTube users fiddle with their mousepads or Touchpad to fast forward, pause, and to mute a video. But YouTube has given few shortcuts using a keyboard for those who don’t want to meddle with the mouse, to improve the video streaming experience of the viewer.

Click on the key ‘K’ to pause or play, Number 0 to mute, J key for rewinding the video for 10 seconds, and key I for fast-forwarding the video up to 10 seconds. This can be done in a version of YouTube, known as Leanback. is a site entirely navigational by the keyboard. 

  • Transcripts for your video

It is less known that YouTube transcribes the audio part in every video in its repository into a text format that anyone can access. If you need the transcripts, click on the ‘more’ tab, and look for the ‘transcript’ menu in the drop-down box. Users can also add transcripts to the video either as a pre-written file or just type-in as you go through the video.

Transcripts help in augments the SEO of the video, which in turn helps the video rank higher in Google search. The accuracy part of machine transcribing is a concern, but it is easier to refine rather than creating your own

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  • Audio Library of YouTube

YouTube has a vast reservoir of free sound effects and royalty-free songs, which allow users to download for free. These can be made useful for the videos you have created and want to upload it on YouTube. Songs have been classified under many genres, duration, and instruments used. Sound effects have also been classified for easy selection. A video with sound or song effects will be more effective than one without any. 

  • Video Editor from YouTube

The creative heads at YouTube have incorporated a versatile video editor inbuilt into the site. This editor helps in doing minor editing works for even a beginner without so many complications. You can include special effects to your video and induce functions like trim, filter, and enhance.

YouTube also provides for with a Slideshow creator, which creates an automatic slideshow of the photos you have uploaded. You can do minor changes like changing the sequence of the pictures, include transition effects, and even attach a soundtrack.

  • Create a GIF from a video

You can create a GIF from a hilarious clip you have seen on YouTube. Type in ‘GIF’ just before the URL of the video, and it’ll direct you to, where you can type in the duration of the preferred clip. It even allows you to go for editing like cropping and adding stickers. You can post your GIF to social media and can download it too. 

An overview of the matter

YouTube has many more features offered to its users for excellent video experience. If you know these tricks, using YouTube can be very easy for your business and education as well. These new features will help YouTube remain the top video source platform. 

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