16 Unbelievable Points about MBBS Course from Philippines

16 Unbelievable Points about MBBS Course from Philippines

  1. MBBS Course at Very Low Cost

Even though the Philippines has not been a powerful country in terms of the income of the country or the resources which it has, but the education sector of the country is excellent with many courses provided at very low cost to students coming from all across the world.

  • Point Completing a Medical Course

There is a popular belief amongst Indian parents and students that pursuing a medical degree from abroad would cost them a lot and would also not be recognized in India so there is no point completing a medical course from anywhere other than any Indian medical school.

  • Cost of Pursuing MBBS from Abroad

This belief of them is not at all true if we compare the overall cost of pursuing MBBS education from an Indian private medical school and medical schools of many other countries, there is a high possibility that the total cost of pursuing MBBS from abroad would be much lower than their Indian counterparts.

  • Universities of the Philippines Recognized by WHO

The universities of the Philippines are globally recognized and well known institutions that are approved by the World Health Organization (WHO).

  • Duration of MBBS in Philippines

The duration to study MBBS in Philippines is for 6 years which includes 5 years of theoretical studies and practical training and 1 year of internship.

  • Guidance and Supervision of Experienced Doctors

The internship is supposed to be done in any of the major affiliated hospitals of the country under the guidance and supervision of experienced doctors.

  • Universities of the Philippines Highly Ranked

The universities of the Philippines are highly ranked amongst the medical universities of the world and have received many awards and recognition for their excellent education facilities.

  • International Standards Facilities

The country is home to many low cost medical colleges that have the international standards facilities and the students can fulfill their dream of studying in a foreign college without having to spend any extra money for expenses and fees.

  • Live in a New Environment

MBBS in Abroad can be a troublesome deal for many students as not only they would have to stay far away from home but also they have to live in a new environment.

  • Indian Food Available Easily

For Indian students, studying in the Philippines is great as there are many Indian students who are already studying in the country and also they can relate to the country as Indian food is available easily in the country and they can easily get comfortable with other Indian students.

  • Indian Embassy Always Available for Help

Also, the Indian embassy is available for the students if they need any kind of help related to them.

  • Citizens Always Available for Help

The citizens of the country are well educated and the communication gap is not a problem in the country as most of the citizens easily understand English and the students can talk to the citizens if they need any help.

  • High Quality Infrastructural Facilities

The universities of the country have high quality infrastructural facilities and the laboratories are equipped with modern equipment.

  • Researches and Experiments

The students can do researches and experiments in the laboratories and learn about using modern tools in the medical field.

  • Facilities of Accommodation

The universities also provide the facilities of accommodation to the students so that the students can find themselves comfortable in the university environment with furnished rooms and necessary amenities.

  • Teaching in Universities is English

The medium of teaching in universities is English so that the students who are coming from overseas do not face any language barriers.

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