Fight with Coronavirus

WHO says India has Better resistance to fight diseases India will surely win over Coronavirus

Coronavirus Pandemic In India: The World Health Organization (WHO) praised India’s efforts to combat coronovirus. In an interview to a news channel, WHO Special Representative Dr. David Navarro has justified the ongoing lockdown in the country for COVID 19. He said that developed countries like Europe and America did not take Kovid 19 seriously, while India is handling it well. He said that people of India have good immunity ability to fight diseases due to hot weather. Which gives hope that his body will beat Corona.

Dr. Navarro gave detailed answers to all questions including the BCG vaccine at the meeting. Dr. Navarro praised the stern steps taken by the Modi government to fight coronovirus. Regarding the problems of the people regarding the lockdown, he said that the more trouble this problem is, the sooner everyone will be free.

India’s efforts to get rid of the corono virus

Dr. Navarro urges that we must compete together. We have not faced any such enemy before. He says, “We are all in danger. I don’t have the disease today, but maybe tomorrow I can suffer from it. I have to protect my family and community from it. Thank you people of India for taking this seriously. India I have an amazing ability. The corona virus is a silent enemy and can only be dealt with if everyone stands together in it. “

Dr. Navarro’s advice on masks

Infected people should use masks to prevent the spread of infection. People with infection must stay at least two meters away from others. However, with the use of a mask, it is necessary to know the correct way to cough and sneeze. Dr. Navarro said, “Health workers need protection the most. They are frontline workers. Masks are necessary for them. However, I support more and more people wearing masks, because this virus can make anyone faster Catches. Apart from the mask, everyone should still cover their mouth with a handkerchief and then immediately wash their hands. If away from any such solution Always keep a sanitizer for complete protection. “

Should India worry less?

Dr. Navarro said that we hope that the effect of this virus in India is less than in other countries of the world. Countries with warmer climates are more resistant to diseases and hope that COVID 19 will lose its grip here compared to other countries. He said, “As far as protecting people from infections caused by the BCG immune system is concerned, I hope to help with this too. Besides, the age group of people is an important factor in combating the disease.”

Correct methods for lockdown

On the correct methods of social distancing, self isolation and lockdown for complete protection from disease, Dr. Navarro says:

  1. You may not feel ill, but if you cough or sneeze, you can infect others. So keep a distance from people.
  2. If you have trouble breathing, isolate yourself. While living with the family, isolate them as well. Do not come in contact with anyone for at least fourteen days.
  3. Create a monitoring system in your community during lockdown. Develop a way to identify suspects.

Lockdown is difficult. The poor get poorer, the prices of food and drink increase. People have to face trouble. But it is necessary to combat the disease. By changing our behavior, we can save our community from disease.

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