Things to Know Before Buying Truck Tires

Things to Know Before Buying Truck Tires

Buying truck tires take a substantial amount of money. So make sure you don’t make any mistakes and choose the right set of tires.

Are you ambiguous about whether your car has LT tires or not? Just look closely! You’ll see “LT” in the size mark on the truck tire. You can also check for the same mark “LT” on the decal located in the driver’s door area and also try checking in the glove box as well. Some of the pro motorists are also very much satisfied with the ride quality simply by switching from the LT-rated tire to a passenger (P-Metric) tire. But really those are pro motorists!

If you can’t make that decision on your own, just get to the tire expert to help you buy a replacement tire getting the right size & load rating. You can also get in touch with several tire experts to learn when it’s the best time to deviate from the vehicle manufacturers’ LT tire recommendations. Here’re a few things you should be mindful of when buying the truck tires. So let’s dive in;

Harsh/Tough Driving Conditions

Before walking into the tire shop or perhaps scrolling down the online store, keep in mind possible heaviest loads and tough road conditions that the tires need to encounter. When scanning through different options, make sure the tires’ load rating matches the heaviest possible lead and not the average one.

Look at the tread designs also as they have to match the worst road conditions. In case the roads are muddy or snow covered, get along with more aggressive tread. Choose the rubber compound that offers more traction and is very much resistant as well.

Not all Trucks are for Off-Roading

Nowadays – in the truck tire industry, the “off-road” look is the hottest trend. They might seem to have beefy & aggressive tread blocks, but they’ll most likely have poor “road manners. Perhaps that’s the reason why many motorists are not in favor of these tires as they offer a stiff ride, less comfort & poor handling. And at the highway speeds, these tires are extremely noisy.

Here comes the next hottest trend; trucks with extra-large wheels & low-profile tires. Inevitably, this combination is going to offer a harsh ride. The larger wheel decreases the braking ability, cause faster suspension wear and decrease the overall truck stability. Due to having the less rubber, the wheels experience more damage when hit the potholes.

Buying the Extras

When buying the commercial vehicle tyres, you often get the offers from the dealership about buying the free lifetime rotation & balancing or perhaps an additional road hazard warranty. Both of these packages might add like $40 to the cost of each tire. But the regular tire rotation & balancing are extremely important to get most out of your tires. So obviously it’s worth the money.

You can also consider buying the insurance in case you drive in the construction zones like over curbs & rocks. For those of you who regularly drive on bad roads & encounter potholes, road hazard insurance will make more sense.

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