Top Rated Wiki Tools

The Top Rated Wiki Tools That Every Business Needs in 2020

Wiki is the vital tool that every business needs to create, edit, collaborate and share content in an organized manner. It helps users find quick information about any topic and works as a helpful tool to train new employees and solve customer queries efficiently. In typical Wiki, the text is written with a simplified markup language and edited by using a rich-text editor. Wiki usually works as a single source of knowledge for employees, and it can be created, shared and edited by anyone. Today, Wiki is referred to as the central repository system of an organization for sharing and maintaining all the company’s valuable data and information. 

Wiki Tools are not only limited to online businesses because any organizations looking to store and collaborate can make use of Wiki Tools for storing information. Below is the list of top Wiki Tools used by leading SEO services company in Gurgaon in 2020 to manage knowledge and create Wiki Page for businesses. is an advanced document collaboration tool that helps organizations collaborate, track, share, and manage company knowledge in one place. It allows you to write digital content in different types and formats across 70+ apps and 100+ files, thereby making it the leading Wiki Tool of 2020. It offers you the best platform to host your Wiki. You will find it easier to share and edit information about company policies procedures, how-to guides, code, and methodology, process training documents, checklists, process documentation and many other workplace documents. can tag co-workers and collaborating documents in real-time. Plus, its chat feature makes it easier for the team to stay on the same page and avoid chaos and confusion.  

Confluence Wiki

To democratize the organizational knowledge Confluence Wiki is launched, which is another powerful Wiki Tool for businesses in 2020. It is a knowledge and content management tool that allows users to create, store and share documents in one place. With the help of this Wiki Tool, users can create content as PDFs, docs and images.        

The tool allows you to connect with Jira easily and work together with the development team effortlessly. You will have deep insights about the development work with quick issue creation, auto-linking, and reports. It will help in getting the job done quickly and efficiently. For efficient working processes, team members can also provide feedback on docs without relying on chaotic email threads. 


Helpjuice is the Wiki Tool widely used by businesses to create external and internal knowledge bases. With this tool, employees can easily access company policies, training materials, HR guidelines, and other crucial data of the company. Helpjuice is a powerful tool designed to help businesses scale up their customer support and work together for the betterment of the company. 

With this tool, customers can easily find answers to their queries using the external knowledge documents. All information about company policies and products can be found in one location without contacting the service reps. It has several customized templates that let you design the Wiki page just like your company website, thereby offering a seamless user experience to employees and customers. 


Dokuwiki is a simple yet efficient Wiki Tool to use in 2020 for businesses. It is the free, open-source tool that works as bare-bone for a business, and it needs no database to operate. Businesses looking for simple and clean wiki tools to get their work done efficiently must settle with Dokuwiki. It is the easiest tool that lets you create, delete, and edit any document while giving you easy access control features to keep the documents private and hidden.   

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The tool has a larger community member that supports the tool actively and helps in building plug-ins to improvise the overall functionality of the tool. It demands very low system-requirements. Installation is also very simple and easy, thereby making it the ideal tool for businesses looking for simple and effective wiki tool for their business in 2020.


If your business is still lacking in having a wiki yet, it is highly recommended to set one now with the help of SEO services in India. You may use any of these wiki tools, as mentioned above or look for other options online.