Water ATMs

The Job Done By Water ATMs

We all know that water is one of the essential amenities that every living creature needs. This is also known to be the irreplaceable part of our life, and this is also important in many aspects of our living. Stating from health to daily needs, water is what everybody needs. Must be know about Water ATMs.

However, in some places, water has always raised problems in life as there is an insufficient supply of it, or even if there is supply, the water is impure and full of contaminants. Many people struggle to get a purifier water supply, whereas some do not have a water supply. In terms of decreasing the deficiency of clean drinking water, Aquaguard Water Purifier is being installed everywhere so that people do not lack pure and clean water anymore.

This will be a massive boon since most of the villages and cities in India, especially, continually face extreme water crises and need to stop that. Water ATMs have some great functions to perform, and you can not deny that either. If you are willing to know how they exactly function, then you will have to give it a read!

Water ATMs

We all know that the water ATM  is basically decentralized Eureka Forbes Customer Care plants and has mostly worked on Reverse Osmosis. RO is one of the oldest and most effective purification forms, and we can rely on RO. In various parts of India, the government and municipalities have been installing new water ATMs, and do you think it’s for no good? Nowadays, many people, mostly from rural areas, do not have access to clean water, and that’s why they are suffering from various water-borne diseases.

Water ATMs – How Do They Work?

First of all, you need water ATMs to be powered by electrical energy or solar energy, but they are powered by solar energy in most places. These ATMs generally operate on smart technologies such as cloud computing or GSM to capture usage and impact data. When it comes to purification, the most commonly used techniques are ultrafiltration, activated carbon filtration, reverse osmosis, precision filtrations, etc.

These technologies are often used in two or three combinations to provide pure water to the users according to the quality of water available in that area. You can easily dispense the water after chilling or at average temperature, depending on the availability of a chiller in the ATM. You may not know, but people can get water from such ATMs through the usage of smart cards and coins. You can recharge the smart card use it wherever you want. You can get the pure water in twenty liters at once!

Let’s look into some of the benefits below!

  • This is not only cost-effective but also economical for both urban and rural areas
  • It will provide you with safe and pure water round the year, and you can anytime purchase water on the pay per use basis; and you will find these machines everywhere nowadays!
  • These machines run on RO technology, and it guarantees purified water that is free from all types of contaminants
  • You will not have to buy a full bottle of water unnecessarily because you can get one glass at a very minimal price that will woo you!
  • Bottled water is not only an expensive option, but also it will provide you with an eco-friendly option too! So, what are you waiting for?

You will be amazed to know that a mobile operating water ATM, aka Water E Rikshaw, is also available to serve you.

Water E-rickshaw is nothing but another form of water vending machines. Still, the significant part is, they can be operated remotely, and one can sell water from any location they want and even roam throughout the whole city. The best part of this Water E-Rickshaw is that it doesn’t need any space, whereas a water ATM should be installed in a particular place.

You should know that this E Rickshaw is amazon because you will be able to store a tank containing 350 liters of water, and also comes with an inbuilt chiller. It will help the water to maintain the temperature for 12 hours.

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Furthermore, it has a kind of similar functionality as a Water Vending machine, and you will also be able to get purified water at a very minimal price.

So, it’s not like the municipality and government are only taking the initiative, but you can also do your bit. If you live in an area of whether people could not get purified water, you should indeed consider having a water ATM. These are the best things that you may get, and you will never regret buying this!

Be it an E Rikshaw or water vending machines, it will surely be your choice, but both of these are identically similar!