How To Keep Your Office And Staff Cool During Hot Summer

How To Keep Your Office And Staff Cool During Hot Summer?

During the summer season, the productivity of employees starts to decrease and the number of sick leaves starts increasing. It is so because the employees of your company may be struggling with changing weather.

It is the responsibility of employees to provide a healthy and comfortable working environment to their employees. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss various tips and tricks to keep your office and staff cool during the hot sweltering summer days.  

Keep Your Office And Staff Cool During Hot Summer

  1. Maintenance Of Air Conditioner

Before the advent of the summer season, the office owners should call the air conditioning professionals for the maintenance work of air conditioners installed in the office. It will help you to keep the air conditioners working appropriately on hot summer days.

You should keep your air conditioning Sydney on to maintain a cool and comfortable ambiance in the office during the summer season. The cool ambiance is not just required by the employees, but electronic devices also need appropriate temperature. Otherwise, the electronic devices may not able to work for long.

  1. Motivate Staff To Dress-up Appropriately

You should motivate your employees to wear loose-fitting and breathable clothes. You should encourage them to wear clothes made up of cotton fabric. Also, tell them to avoid dark, thick, and tight-fitting clothes because these clothes will make them feel uncomfortable.

  1. Access To Cold Water

You should make sure that your staff members have access to cold water. They can easily get plenty of cold drinking water during the summer season. It will help them to quickly cool down and stay comfortable the whole day long.

  1. Keep Window Closed Between 10 AM To 5 PM

You may think that the opening of windows will help in circulating the fresh air inside your office. But, you should open your office windows during the hottest part of the day (i.e. between 10 AM to 5 PM). Opening of windows during the hottest time of day will make the temperature inside the building rise higher.

You might think the opening of windows will help in cooling the office, but if the temperature outside is warmer than the temperature of the building will also start rising. If you want to open the windows, you should choose the early morning or evening time.

  1. Avoid Too Many Electronic Devices

Every electronic device produces heat and contributes to raising the temperature inside the office. For instance, mobile phones, PC, desktops, etc. these electronic devices generate heat. If there are some non-necessary items in the office, you should keep them off. For instance, vacant computers should be turned off because they are heating your office and also increasing utility bills.

  1. Shaded Area For Breaks  

Office owners should provide the shaded area outside the office where your employees can have lunch during the break time. Your employees will come back to the office full of energy and feeling refreshed.

  1. Invest in Blinds

If your workplace has large size windows, you should consider investing in blinds or sunscreens. They will help in blocking the sun rays from entering your house. Thus, they will help in maintaining a good temperature inside the office. Also, they help in reducing sun glare and ultimately reduce strain on your eyes.

  1. Reduce Strenuous Activity  

If you want to reshuffle various items in your office and that includes heavy furniture as well, then you should delay this idea for some time. In case, you cannot delay it, then you should take the help of as many staff members as you can. Strenuous activity during the summer season should be avoided. It instantly increases the temperature of your body and makes you feel uncomfortable.

  1. Shift Your Employees To Cool Area

If some zones of your office get plenty of sunlight and easily get heated up during the summer season, then you should consider shifting your employees to cooler zones. It will help to keep your staff comfortable and the productivity of employees will not get affected. Also, you should keep your ducted air conditioning Sydney on.

  1. Motivate Your Employees To Stay Hydrated

You should encourage your staff members to stay hydrated during the hot summer season. It is imperative to make sure that your office reduces the adequate supply of cold water. If it gets too hot, you should send reminders to your employees that they should drink water.

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You should send the reminder message to your employees along with various benefits of drinking water. If you will keep reminding your employees about the various benefits of drinking plenty of water, then they will automatically start drinking plenty of water.  

Final words

Summer heat can make your feel uncomfortable and also reduce the productivity of employees. By following the above-mentioned techniques, you can make the office ambiance cool and comfortable.