affordable housing scheme in Gurgaon

Projects under the Affordable Housing Scheme in Gurgaon that are worth Investing

Affordable housing is often in conversation when we talk of investing in a property. What should be the best way to select a dream house? Which housing projects are the best in Gurgaon? What are some prime locations where I can buy my new home? What is the process of buying a house under the affordable housing scheme? There are several questions that come to our mind whenever we plan to buy a new home.

And honestly, it is not easy to be able to find the dream home that would be full of all the modern amenities and would be within our budget. This is one reason why we are here to help you. If you are looking for a new abode and if you are thinking about whether affordable housing is a good idea for you, then here are answers to all your questions.

Affordable Housing Scheme in Gurgaon

What is affordable housing and why should I buy a home under this scheme?

So, to begin with, let us first understand what is affordable housing and how it is connected with Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna and then we will get to know about whether investing in a home under this scheme is feasible or not. The government of India launched the affordable housing scheme in 2011. Under this scheme, all the Indian citizens with a median household income could get their own affordable houses at a nominal price.

In addition to this scheme, the government of India also launched Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana in 2015. Under this scheme all the home seekers could get a subsidy on the loans, further making their purchase cost-effective. But there was one criterion that decided the eligibility of home seekers. 

If you belonged to the SC/OBC/ST/EWS strata of the society with certain income only then you would be eligible to buy a house under the affordable housing scheme. This scheme promoted women upliftment and that is why above all the qualifying criteria, it must be noted that females have an edge over other home seekers. So if you qualify the above-mentioned criteria and you want to buy your dream house then there could be no better option than affordable housing. When you invest in affordable housing, these are the benefits that you will get.

Great Prices

Did you know that if you invested under the affordable housing scheme in Gurgaon you need to pay 1% GST on the cost of your house. The best thing about investing in a project under affordable housing is that you could avail a subsidy on the loans and get about 90% loan without any hassle. This counts as a blessing for all the people who thought that buying a house was a dream. The government is working hard to make all their dreams come true. And so affordable housing can be the right option for you if you want to buy a perfect house with excellent amenities that would fall under your budget.

Top-notch facilities

Buying a home under PMAY comes to you with countless benefits. We are listing those features so that you need not go anywhere else.

  • Under PMAY you can now get the benefit of all the luxurious facilities that are present in the prime housing projects. You get to experience modern living at a very nominal price. 
  • The Government of India has officially permitted parking space to all the home seekers under affordable housing. So now, if you buy a home under this housing scheme in Gurgaon, you can keep your vehicles secure in the personal parking space that you will get.
  • All the affordable housing projects in Gurgaon are located in prime locations like Sohna Road, Sector 63A, Sector 70 and many more. So if you want a house that is well connected to all the commercial hubs, hospitals, schools etc. then affordable housing is the best option.

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Excellent Returns

Gurgaon is developing at an exponential rate. The pace at which growth is taking place is quite fast and it is one reason why everyone wants to invest in this city. But buying a home in Gurgaon can be very expensive. Even a small apartment comes for lakhs. In such a time, when the property has become pricey, affordable housing brings relief. You can buy a home at a nominal price and expect excellent returns on it as well. These reasons are bound to impress you when it comes to buying a home under affordable housing. If you are eligible to buy a home for yourself under this scheme, then there could be no better option to invest. There are several projects that are already up for possession and many more that are coming up. So if you are looking for a dream home in Gurgaon, then do look at the affordable housing options that are available.