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How To Hire Flutter Developers And Not Regret Later?

Google initially launched Flutter in 2018. Soon after the launch, Flutter grabbed the attention of industry stalwarts. By 2020, Flutter had become every developer’s favorite. Want to hire Flutter Developers then read this blog carefully.

Stackoverflow survey results state that Flutter third-most favored framework for building applications.

About Flutter Developers

With rapidly transforming online markets, business owners are looking for quick, reliable, and flexible solutions. The fierce competition compels startups and small businesses to launch their application fast to grab the market. This helps them to get an edge over their competitors.

With the increasing demand for the Flutter app, the market is stacked with a large Flutter App Developers community.

You need to hire Flutter developer that is right for your business requirement and budget.  

You don’t want your investment to go in vain and regret later by hiring the wrong developer, company, or team.  

But, how will you choose your right Flutter partner? We’ve got you. In this article, we will give you a detailed guide for you to hire Flutter developer.

Let’s get started—first, the basics.

What Is Flutter?

Flutter is an open-source framework for application development on iOS, Android interface, and desktop. Flutter uses a single codebase, irrespective of the platform. It helps to build robust and trustworthy applications. 

With a re-usable codeset, the developer doesn’t have to design different codes from scratch for different platforms. This saves time and overall costs. 

How Flutter App Developer Works- Roles And Responsibility

Flutter App developers need to be proficient with specific responsibilities. If you plan to hire 

app developers, ensure they know-

  • Building and designing both simple and complex applications
  • Following the flutter app development life-cycle
  • Bug fixes, updates, and how to repair glitches.
  • To stay updated with the latest advancements.

Know About A Flutter App Developer’s Work History

An expertf should have the sound technical knowledge, completed relevant courses, and an ensemble work portfolio. You can ask the following questions when you are hiring a developer-

  • If the developer/the agency has worked with any clients belonging to your industry?
  • How long is the developer/agency working on developing Flutter apps? 
  • Is there any work portfolio they can show you?
  • Do they have any apps designed on the Flutter framework listed on the app store?

A developer who has adequate knowledge in your business domain will understand your requirement and deliver the best application. 

Understand The Various Types Of Flutter App Developers

You can get Flutter app development services through 3 channels-

  • Freelancers 
  • Flutter app development agencies
  • In-office flutter app developer team

The question remains, what should you choose? To make that decision, let’s understand the workstyle and SOPs for each development services channel. 


  • Get quality developers at minimal cost
  • You can pay on an hourly basis
  • You have the liberty to hire a specialist for any advanced requirements
  • The timeline might get stretched 
  • Co-ordination becomes hard if multiple teams are involved

You can find freelancers from Upwork, Fiverr, Guru, Peopleperhour, and Freelancer.

In-office Development Team

Your app development is complete. But you need to maintain and update the app. 

Hiring an in-office team is the best option. Since maintenance is a continuous process, an in-house team is readily available. 

  • Easy co-ordination
  • No extra or hidden charges for customization and additional services.
  • The selection, hiring, and appointment process are costly and time-consuming.
  • You need to provide them with continuous payments irrespective of the workload.
  • Maintaining a team can be expensive. You need to pay for technical infrastructure, electricity bills, internet charges, etc.

You can hire flutter app developers from LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed, and Dice.

Flutter App Development Company-Outsourcing

  • You don’t have to pay them a monthly salary. You can have a contractual agreement and only pay for the work done. 
  • Maintains timelines
  • Provides project management throughout the development process for better co-ordination
  • You can enjoy the benefits of the pre-installed infrastructure. 
  • Difficulty in call-scheduling due to variation in timezones. 

You can hire a Flutter developer company from Clutch, GlassDoor, and GoodFirms.

Knowing The Rates

The hourly rates to hire Flutter developer may vary across the globe. In Asia, a freelance developer charges $41-$80, whereas a professional company charges $15-$30/hour. In North America, outsourcing companies charge $99-$150.

What Should You Choose?

The answer depends on your requirements. 

If you want to design an app from scratch and want active expert suggestions on your project, outsourcing is the right choice. You need to share your requirements, and the entire process will be taken care of by the company.  

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However, if you want continuous support and maintenance hiring a freelancer or an in-house team seems a viable option. 

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