Beauty Tips for Oily Skin

5 Amazing Beauty Tips for Oily Skin 2021

Sometimes having oily skin literally feels like a jinx chasing us. No matter how hard it is to try to escape from the oily jinx. It never seems to stop chasing. Well, there is nothing wrong with our serendipity. It’s just a skin type or a condition that secretes oil more than enough.

Even If your skin has always been oily till now it doesn’t mean it’s set in stone and can’t be changed. It just emits some extra oil on your face and we just need to do something that controls it effectively.

About Beauty Tips for Oily Skin

If you are still worried about your oily skin. Please don’t. Because worrying leads to stress and stress is the fastest way to increase oil secretion and breakout. When you are under stress, you produce a hormone called cortisol which is directly related to reinforcing sebum production and causing the breakout. So keep your stress level low and relax.

I probably can’t help you to lower your stress level. Because I’m oblivious to what you might be going through. But I can probably help you to bring down the stress which oily skin caused you. I don’t know what other stressful situation you might be facing. The only thing I know for sure is. You are stronger than the problem.

Anyhoo! Let’s get on to the point. We have got some outstanding beauty tips for oily skin that will drastically reduce oil secretion and make your skin gorgeous than ever.

But before we go further don’t you wanna know why your skin produces way too much oil.

What makes skin oily?

Genetics, poor diet, poor skin care, and hormones are some players of oily skin condition. Usually, children don’t have oily skin. It starts its journey from teenage and it’s not like it once your skin becomes oily it will always be. If the cause behind your oily skin is hormone changes then it can be changed in the future.

We have tiny pores in our skin called the sebaceous gland that is responsible for oil secretion. Natural oil helps to keep our skin soft and smooth. But poor dietary and skincare habits make sebaceous glands overactive. That simply propels it to emit excess oil.

Now you got the answers of how and why you have oily skin. It’s time to go deep into how we can treat it in a simple and effective way. And get gorgeous skin that doesn’t shine but glows.

5 Amazing Beauty Tips for Oily Skin

  1. Go along with CTM routine: CTM includes 3 simple steps to get clear and glowing skin. The steps are Clean, Tone and Moisturized. This is the simplest and most effective method anyone who has oily skin should incorporate in their skincare regime.

Not all products are made for oily skin. In order to keep your skin oil-free, you need to use the best oily skin cleansers, a non moisturizing alcohol-free toner, and water based moisturizer.

  1. Use ice cubes: Yeah! You got it right. Rubbing an ice cube is actually an effective way to reduce sebum secretion. Ice cube makes a sheer oil preventing layer between skin and moisturizer. It wonderfully shrinks the pore that emits oil to your skin as well as keeps your skin fresh throughout the day.

If your skin is just oily you can rub ice cubes directly on your face. But it’s recommended for people having oily and sensitive skin to rub ice cubes by wrapping it up in a cotton towel or cloth. Direct application of ice cube on sensitive skin can cause inflammation.

  1. Change unhealthy dietary habits: The food we eat not only influences our health and weight but also makes a profound impact on our skin health. Surgery and oily food don’t provide us any positive benefits but it surely deteriorates our health and causes extreme oil secretion that further leads to skin breakout.

I know it’s hard to resist tempting food even if it messes up your health and skin. But you need to steer away from anything that keeps you away from getting flawless glowing skin.

So replace your coke with fruits and yummy juices and your oily junk food to something that nurtures you with vital nutrients.

  1. Start your day with detox drinks: Detox drinks are widely known for weight loss. I can’t doubt its efficacy for weight loss. Delicious detox water not only helps you be fresh and fit throughout the day but also improves your skin health.

Ayurveda says take care of your gut health and it will take care of your overall health. And detox drinks are the way to keep your stomach healthy. It removes all the toxins present in the body. As a result, your skin gets rejuvenated, acne, dark spots, and other skin problems start to disappear. What only leaves is healthy glowing skin.

So incorporate these favorable yummy drinks in your morning routine and kick start your amazing day with a charming glow on your face.

  1. Use mattifying makeup products: Even if you follow all the skincare routines and tips to get the flawless skin you want but if you are not being selective to choose the right makeup for you. Nothing is going to work unless you don’t use makeup at all.

You need to understand that every skin type has different needs. If you use a product that is made for normal skin on sensitive skin. You know what it can lead to. Situation with oily skin is no different than that.

On oily skin, makeup doesn’t stay for long either it melts down or gets deoxidized. So if you are wondering how to save yourself from embarrassment. Use a gel or silicone-based primer for a non-oily smooth base, use only best oily skin foundations, mattifying compact, and blushes that help to control oil and give you a flawless look until you wash your face.

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Wrapping up: Oily skin often leaves people worrying that only increases oil secretion. But it can be reduced with some amazing tips I have shared in the article. Follow these tips and keep the flawless non-greasy skin that is irresistible to get compliments.

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