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How to Add Your Instagram Feed to your Shopify Store?

If you think about starting an online store then Shopify is an amazing platform. 

With Shopify, you can build an e-commerce store which they also host it for you.

But Just Having a website doesn’t mean a hike in brand’s sales and conversions, you also have to make it engaging and get traffic to that website which is actually 99% of the game.

With the increasing popularity of Instagram, as a digital marketer understanding the benefits of Instagram is important. Being one of the most powerful platforms it has immense marketing potential. Instagram can enhance your brand image and influence your target audience over other platforms like your Shopify websites, other websites, blogs, etc.

Displaying Instagram feeds on your Shopify website will definitely add a feather in your cap. Brands can create their own hashtags and encourage their audience to post using the hashtag.

Later all the user-generated content and Instagram handle posts can be collected and embed on your Shopify store to present social proof and authenticity of your brand. You must be now wondering how to add the Instagram feed to your Shopify store. 

5 Tools To Add Instagram Feed On Shopify Store

So, In this blog let’s discuss 5 amazing tools for adding Instagram feeds to your Shopify store :

Taggbox Widget:

An incredibly amazing social media aggregator with which brands can collect and create beautiful and attractive Instagram feeds and embed them easily on their Shopify store. Taggbox comes with an easy to embed feature all you have to do is copy the code and paste it at the backend of your Shopify website 

Apart from this Taggbox also offers different features like –

Personalization panel – you can add different themes, background, custom posts to present your Instagram feed beautifully, and to adding a visual appeal to your website. 

Besides this, the Moderation features allow you to filter the unwanted posts before it is public. 

With the analytics feature, you can easily track customer interaction and behavior with your Instagram feed on Shopify store.

Taggbox also provides you a 14 days trial, so you can always test out all the features before purchasing the product.


An effective platform to unite your user-generated content from different social media platforms especially Instagram with your Shopify store. It is a visual commerce platform that is user friendly and operates in real-time. PhotoSlurp allows you to create shoppable user-generated content. You can collect your brand’s best user-generated content and showcase your user’s experience with the brand which helps in enhancing user engagement, building trust and ultimately increasing the conversation rates for your businesses. 

This platform allows you to embed Instagram feeds into your Shopify store in an easy manner and engage your audience with it. It also offers customization options to change the look and feel of your Instagram feeds and create it the way you want them to be. With also crop, fill, and resize your feeds. After embedding the feeds to your Shopify store you can also use analytics to understand and grow your audience.

Instagram Official Embedding 

Yes! You got it right Instagram itself offers this functionality of embedding posts to your Shopify store. Posts from personal Instagram account as well from public profiles can be embedded on your website. Brands can display content from Instagram individually as an individual post or even altogether as a feed stream. All you have to do is find the post you want to embed in your Shopify store. Click on the three dots option and select “Embed”. You can simply copy the code and paste it at the backend of your Shopify website where you want your Instagram feed to be displayed. 


With SnapWidget Instagram photos and videos could be embedded conveniently. It gives you a number of widget options to choose from like Instagram grid, Instagram slideshow, popups, Instagram board, Instagram Map, and many more. It keeps your Spotify store updated with fresh Instagram content and thus helps your brand to engage with your visitors, improve dwell time and reduce the bounce rate for your websites.

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With the increasing competition in the digital world, brands must incorporate new marketing strategies to promote their business, increase brand awareness and build brand trust.

Integrating Instagram feeds into your Shopify store not only will help to engage your audience but also expand brand reach, build a stronger brand image, and ultimately will help you in increasing your customer base.

So, what are you still waiting for your? Start embedding your Instagram feeds on your Shopify store website to see the benefits yourself.