4 Ways To Embed Instagram Feed On Website

4 Ways To Embed Instagram Feed On Website

Digital media and platforms have been growing their influence over the billions of people globally and also millions of brands are leveraging these digital media platforms to deliver their solutions digitally. 

Brands and businesses have increased their focus on expanding their digital media influence and social media integration with their website has been one of the best tactics among them. 

Following the path of growth through social media integration, here we present the 4 different ways to embed Instagram feed on the website

So, what is an Instagram feed, or why we chose Instagram among all the available social media platforms? Let’s explore more about this.

What Is An Instagram Feed?

 An Instagram feed is a feed of content that has been collected and curated from Instagram using hashtags, handles, tags, mentions, etc. and embed that feed into the website. 

Now why we chose Instagram as the platform to embed it on the website?

Well! Firstly, Instagram is the most popular social media platform with over a billion monthly active users and over half a billion active users daily that makes it hugely diverse and engaging social media platforms. 

Besides, there is one element that Instagram has and all business websites are constantly targeting i.e. user engagement. It has been identified that Instagram has the best user engagement rate among all social media platforms. 

Also, the content is highly visual like images, videos, stories, etc. that make it more interactive, engaging, and creative which can help boost engagement on the website. 

Leveraging user-generated content from Instagram to your website will help in building brand trust, credibility, showcase authenticity & reliability, etc. 

Given these benefits and many more benefits that the Instagram feed presents, here we have listed the 4 best ways to embed Instagram feed on the website. 

4 Ways To Embed Instagram Feed On Website

1. Instagram Feed Widget

It is probably the best solution to embed Instagram feed. You can leverage an Instagram feed widget tool like the Taggbox widget to collect and curate content from Instagram & embed it on the website as a widget.

The widget helps in bringing the diverse content from Instagram using hashtags, handles, mentions, etc. Also, you get customization options like themes, fonts, colors, design elements, layouts, styles, etc. to make it more creative and attractive. 

Besides, you have content moderation functionality to remove or restrict irrelevant content from the feed and maintain premium content quality. You also get real-time automatic content updates to your Instagram feed. 

There are additional features like adding custom posts to the feed, API access to customize the feed accordingly, UGC rights management, responsive design, easy to setup, multiple website CMS integrations, and much more to create and embed an engaging, existing, and interactive feed. 

2. Instagram WordPress Plugin

WordPress is a worldwide extremely popular website CMS used by many global brands and businesses. The best part about WordPress is that it has a hub of plugins that let you integrate diverse functionalities and features to your website. 

Plugins like Samshballoon help you create and embed an Instagram feed on the website. The plugin is highly customizable with different layout options, design options, post styles, expandable feed, etc. 

The tool has an advanced filter to choose what content you want to show to your users and what content you want to hide from the users. This helps in keeping the content on the website fresh, unique, and engaging. 

Beyond that, it has a mobile-friendly interface, the possibility to add CTA buttons, choosing the number of posts to show, resizing options, responsive design, add spacing between the posts, highlight posts, and much more. 

It has different pricing options as well that you can choose based on your features and functionality requirements. 

3. Embed From Instagram 

Instagram itself provides an option to embed content to your website and it is a simple, secure, and easy way to integrate a post or multiple posts to your website. 

The process of embedding is quite simple where you have to log in to your Instagram account using a laptop/desktop device and go to the post that you want to embed on the website. 

Then go to the options menu for the post and there you will see an option “Embed code”. Clicking that will give you an embed code that you can paste in your website HTML to embed it. 

The downside to this is that you can only embed one post at a time and to embed multiple posts, you have to repeat this process as many times as you wish to embed a post. 

Also, one the post gets deleted from Instagram, it will also get removed from the website as well. It is an excellent way to show a post like a testimonial or expert video review, etc. 

4. Embed Visual Screenshots

This is the most simple and easy way to embed content from Instagram to your website. You just have to go to a post that you want to embed and take the screenshot and display that as an image to your website. 

The will be highly responsive as you can optimize it according and also you can create a collage of multiple images to make it more interesting and engaging for the users. 

But the challenge is that firstly it won’t let you embed the video content on your website. Secondly, it won’t be interactive at all as it is just a plain image and finally, you have to manage rights to display the users’ content like this on your website. 

This is a solution for those website users who just simply want to show a few selected posts on their website. Also, even it the post gets deleted from Instagram, you will still have a visual of that post with you. 


These were some of the best ways to embed Instagram feed on the website and most popular and multifunctional was the embedding of an Instagram feed widget on the website. 

This will help you boost your website traffic from search engines, increase user engagement & interaction, deliver useful content, build social proof, and even increase the chances for conversions. 

So, choose a way to embed Instagram feed and unlock the possibilities and opportunities for your website and business. 

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