5 Wrong Ways of Using Pedestrian Lanes

PEOPLE, PLEASE! 5 Wrong Ways of Using Pedestrian Lanes

The safety of people walking on and along the roads does not totally depend on the abilities and skills of those who drive; it’s highly dependent on one’s own carefulness, discipline and responsibility.

They say that when road accidents happen, it will always be the fault of drivers. Well, that’s some unfair excuse for those people who are not being mindful of themselves and their actions when they are on the road, along it or crossing it. Everyone’s life — both drivers’ and pedestrians’ — is made safe with the use of different tools such as traffic lights to direct who can move and who must stay put. Another instrument designed perfectly not just for direction but for safety and order are road line markings.

One of the most common line markings which you can see in most roads, both big and small, is the pedestrian lane. Pedestrian lanes are very important since it indicates where people can cross. It is the spot specifically made for people to cross, so vehicles will also know when they need to slow down or to be extra careful.

Pedestrian lanes’ purpose is essential and helpful, yet serious problems can arise when people ignore the proper way to use them. Yes, there are people who are not responsible when using this crucial line marking! How do they do that? Check out below the list of 5 wrong ways people use pedestrian lanes!


Crossing the streets when the green light is on for vehicles is obviously a no go. It’s for pedestrians to stay still, so if that’s the case, you definitely know you should not move a foot to where the cars are moving, right? So do not.

Even if pedestrian lanes are areas where automobiles and other rides are supposed to slow down upon approaching, you will never know what will always happen on the road, so be careful.

Crossing a pedestrian lane with the green traffic lights active cranks up your risk of “getting run over” meter instantly. It’s a time when vehicles are quick! Actually, that’s the time when you should NEVER cross the road. If you do that, you are really looking forward to being hospitalized. No one who’s in the right mind would cross a road when vehicles are swift and the green light is on. Even if you are in a hurry, think about your life.

You need to be careful. Pay attention to the environment in the roads. Look at the color of the traffic lights. Wait for the red light for cars before you cross the road. It’s better to be safe than to be sorry because you might be slammed by a truck to the afterlife if you are not careful and cautious.


Check your surroundings. Look at both the right side and left side of the roads when crossing to prevent and mishaps from happening.

When you already know that there is a slim chance of you crossing the road at certain times unscathed, don’t take that chance. Crossing through dangerous roads is like you are taking the risk of getting permanently handicapped or dead.

Be alert on the road and the vehicles passing by. You are doing drivers a favor if you do not cross during risky moments. You are not going to cause confusion to them which might lead to accidents.

One of the riskiest moments to cross is when the car is already near the pedestrian lane — this is when there are no traffic lights. Cross when the car is still far; don’t hesitate and cross when it’s just a few steps away. You will not just cause accidents but also heads to get heated! You will surely anger drivers!

Don’t take rash risks of crossing the road that may cost your life. Play it safe if you want to survive and live to see another day.


When crossing pedestrian lanes, remember that you have only a limited time, so being slow and talking your time is not a good idea. It is a disrespectful act also.

You should walk in an orderly and average-speed manner when crossing pedestrian lanes. If there’s a need to walk more swiftly and if you can, then better!

This is to make sure that the other people that you may be crossing with do not get bumped or knocked away. You will be extremely annoying to others who might be in a hurry or who want to go faster. You might be scolded by other people.

Also, don’t walk too fast on pedestrian lanes. You never know if there is a “very non-law abiding” driver that will just be dashing over pedestrian lanes without traffic lights. Always look in all directions to be aware when there are vehicles coming.


Everyone knows that getting distracted while on the road can very much cost your life. That’s how it is for drivers and bystanders, and pedestrians are no exception.

Looking at your phone while crossing the road is an absolutely horrible idea to begin with. Paying attention to your phone removes your focus on the road, so you will have little to no idea what’s ahead of you.

This makes you very vulnerable to road accidents and other life-threatening events. Using  your phone while driving is already bad enough, let alone crossing the street with one. Always keep safety a priority so make sure to give your complete concentration to your surroundings when crossing pedestrian lanes.

Aside from the fact that smartphones are hot items in the eyes of thieves, you are really near accidents if you are not responsible enough. Only people who have no common sense will text or unnecessarily use their phones while crossing roads, even if they are “using the pedestrian lane”.

Especially when there is no traffic light, drivers will absolutely get furious — distinctly those who know the rules also.


Pedestrian lanes are painted on the road for a very specific reason. Those line markings are there, not for decoration.

If there are any pedestrian lanes nearby, always use them to your advantage but for others’ good too. If there are no pedestrian lanes to be seen, then be at your utmost urgency and cautious behavior when crossing the road. Watch out for any swiftly passing vehicles but also safely cross the street.

Do not ignore pedestrian lanes and other road line markings! Do not ignore traffic lights and signages.



Pedestrian lanes are line markings designed and created for the purpose of road safety, for all drivers and people walking on the roads. It helps everyone distinguish the right area to cross — the spot that’s safest and that’s legal, of course.

It’s not enough to say, “I used the pedestrian lane,” if you used it wrongly as well. Bear in mind that when you become disciplined on the road, you save not only your life but also of other people out there who are doing their best to be careful.

It’s just saddening and maddening when some drivers get blamed all the time for road mishaps when many times, the pedestrians are the ones undisciplined and reckless. Merely using the pedestrian lane is not everything, darling. Know when to cross and how to do it. You don’t own the road, so please, be wise. 

Nicole Ann Pore is the writer of this blog.