5 Alternatives To Roses On Valentines Day

The day of lovers, it is special for every couple whether the relationship has been going on for a month or it has been four years, everyone rushes to the florists to get the sweet roses only to find that they have been sold out. Even though roses are of various types from the shrubs growing on the ground to the climbers up the wall. During valentine’s day, it becomes really hard for us to find roses. And one cannot grow roses in their house wither as we all are not experts in being the flower parents, right? It has been observed that roses are highly susceptible to plant diseases.

The blame shouldn’t be put on roses as what can be done to the flower that has been the symbol of love and passion for years. We all wait till the last moment to buy roses may be due to the reason of them being spoiled but the truth is that you can always get a flower delivery in patna.

But if you are unable to find it then there are some alternatives that you can opt for;


Even though they are spiky and are often considered for their tube-shaped petals they remain one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. They have been observed to grow into a remarkable bloom. They are known to be available in a myriad of colours.  In Victorian times, it is said that getting a dahlia meant lasting bond and undying commitment. These colours are also known for symbolizing many things other than that, the pink and purple still stand for kindness and grace or you can always take the red to symbolize the power and strength. If your relationship is going for some fresh start or big changes then opt for blue-green and as we always say white for purity and innocence. You got something that represents your relationship?

Well, without further ado order it for her from the best florist in ghaziabad.


These flowers are as alluring as the roses and the tulip also signifies a lover’s passion that is right between the petals of the flower. These flowers are available in many colours and are used on many occasions as well. Red tulips are always there for the romantic occasions. If you are celebrating your eleventh anniversary then you should opt for these flowers.

But the colour pink in the tulips is often used as a symbol of affection, not love, that is why pink tulip is often seen when the family occasions are taken place.

Although, the yellow colour which used to stand for being infidel or jealous here stands for the unrequited love or when you have forgotten something. Forgetting anniversary is bad but this flower is always there for you to save your day.


These sunflowers always face the sun and are known to represent warmth, positivity, lasting love and happiness. This makes these flowers perfect for your valentines. Even a proposal can start with the sunflowers. These flowers can also be given with other flowers in the form of the bouquet or you can always give a sunflower bouquet to your loved one express your adoration towards them.


Carnations are just fragrant and heavy petalled blossoms which are perfect for any occasion that you are giving them to. The red carnations are a perfect substitute for roses as I assure you that your lover won’t be able to resist the sweet smell of those blossoms, will make them stop and smell those flowers. These flowers are bound to make you and them cherish the beautiful memories that you had together. Also, these are somewhere the closest alternatives to roses. If you want to do something different the go carnation this year!


Well, there is no way in the world that I can forget these blooms when I talk about “alternatives to roses on valentines”, these flowers are exotic but represent wealth, luxury, love and fertility. There are so many colours or this one that it is impossible to choose one for your lover. If you want to represent love then go for red as it is bound to represent strength, courage, passion and the desire that is there. The purple orchids are known to symbolize admiration, respect and dignity. There are many more colours but for love, I’d suggest red and purple.

You can always drop by bloomsvilla and order their favorite flowers if they have any and don’t let the bouquet go alone, add a cake, teddy bear or chocolates. Happy valentines!

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