World Milk Day - Drink One Glass Milk for Dental and Bones Health

World Milk Day – Drink One Glass Milk for Dental and Bones Health

Having healthy teeth not only increases your self-confidence, but you are also able to pronounce the words correctly. Because of our teeth, we are able to talk well, we are able to smile, we are able to eat and because of this our face also gets the right shape. Therefore, they are precious jewels on our face.

Since childhood, our mothers have told us that we should drink milk for beautiful strong teeth. So is milk really beneficial for teeth? Surely the answer is ‘yes’. Drinking milk makes our teeth strong, the calcium and phosphorus present in milk protects the teeth enamel and milk supplies minerals in the structure of teeth. Milk keeps our jaw bone strong and healthy. It is also necessary to know that by consuming milk along with other milk products, our teeth and bones remain in a better state all life.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) decided to celebrate World Milk Day on 1 June 2001, in view of the widespread effects of milk and nutritious and delicious milk products. This day provides an opportunity to focus on milk and also works to raise awareness on the topic of healthy food, responsible food production, livelihood of people and support to communities. Although many foods contain calcium, the National Institute of Health says that milk and milk products are the best because they are easily absorbed into our body. The American Dental Association says that even if you eat sweet things, dairy products can make a positive difference in the health of your teeth. This is because drinking milk after consuming sugar-rich foods reduces harmful acid levels inside your mouth. So do not drink milk with chocolate, chip, cookies, but drink milk after eating them because milk will wash them with your teeth.

Dr. Vimal Arora, Chief Clinical Officer, Clove Dental, says, “As we age, the intake of milk and other dairy products should increase so that teeth and bones remain healthy. A balanced diet and a bit of routine with appropriate nutritional supplements Changes can be extremely beneficial in the long run. If your dose is less than your body needs, then you may have dental problems in the coming years, your ability to fight infections may be less “your affirmative and Milk has a very important place in our diet due to its digestive properties and that is why milk has been an integral part of Indian diet since ancient times.

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