Top 10 Myths about the Grand Canyon First Time Visitors Should Know

Top 10 Myths about the Grand Canyon First Time Visitors Should Know

As big as the Grand Canyon is, the mystery surrounding its being or existence is just as significant. Did dinosaurs make up a part of the Grand Canyon territory? Did the ancient Egyptians ever cross the massive Pacific and reside at the Canyon? Is the place haunted by mischievous spirits that haunt the canyon terrains? These are some of the questions you can find being asked by tourists all over the internet.

If you have recently booked your travel from your Vegas hotel to the Grand Canyon with Vegas Tours, adding this knowledge to your book of facts would make the trip all the more impressive.

There are several legends and myths associated with the Grand Canyon, which is religiously believed by locals as well as a visitor even today. However, a chunk of these popular myths has now been debunked.

So, let us list out the top 10 myths associated with the Grand Canyon and how they aren’t as accurate as earlier perceived.

1-There is nothing to do at the Canyon:

Peoples who have never been to the Grand Canyon will only think of it is as one colossal Canyon, and there is nothing to do at the Canyon. But the truth is there’s a lot more to do out there.

 According to Vegas Tours, visitors can hike forth or even in the Grand Canyon. You can also watch a breathtaking view of sunrises & sunsets, and in case you are adventurous, then rent a motorbike or take a rafting tour on the great Colorado River.

2-There exists a Cave with Hieroglyphics

In the year 1909, a journal published a paragraph that voyager G.E. Kincaid discovered a magnificent underground stronghold where fragments of an ancient Egyptian civilization apparently lived. G.E. Kincaid also mentioned caves, a shrine, ancient war weapons, mummies, and hieroglyphics. 

However, many people claimed that it’s just a practical joke and the voyager Kincaid misread a Native American spot as an Egyptian citadel. If this has sparked up your interest, make sure you take a trip to this majestic place with the Grand Canyon small group tour.

3-There are trails back to Ramses

In 1909 the same journal further published that it is possible that ancient Egyptians crossed the massive Pacific Ocean and built the caves & made the canyons their new home. 

But the most surprising fact that the article published was the discovery of a mysterious cavern, perhaps from Egypt, which trails back to Ramses. Later, many denied these findings and stated that no relic of ancient Egyptians was ever discovered in the Grand Canyon. Decode this adventure with your friends by boarding Grand Canyon bus tours for a journey of thrill and excitement.

4-People must book a year in advance before visiting

It’s just a myth that visitors have to book in advance, i.e., a year before, at popular lodges and ranches. 

However, it’s a good idea to plan and book in advance, but no restriction states that you have to book a year earlier. The Grand Canyon is a popular tourist destination in the United States. Every year, many people go to visit this colossal Canyon, so myths about bookings like that can create a lot of problems, so you need to avoid it.

5-Haunted guest suite

In Grand Canyon, there is a guest suite that is 220ft below the ground inside a cave. Travelers have the option to sleep in there and have a new experience. 

These caves in Grand Canyon are perfect for those who are not scared of the dark and like to sleep in absolute silence. However, there are myths spread by many guests and paranormal investigators that there are spiritual activities and bizarre phenomena.

6-There lives a Hopi God inside the Canyon

Native American tribes like Hopi are known for their spirituality, animism, and beliefs. According to many, a Hopi god is living in the Canyon.

It is believed that a God named Maasaw, who is known as the keeper of death, resides there. Many travelers have experienced sickness and anxiety whenever they have entered his territory in the Canyon. But it’s nothing but a hoax, and there is no sense to it.

7-The cursed relic mystery

The Park rangers in the Grand Canyon have apparently received many letters & returned items from tourists who toured the Canyon.

Tourists have stated that they have experienced illness and bad luck after taking the Canyon relics or items. And for those reasons, they believe that these relics that they took from the Grand Canyon are under a curse.

8-There is an uncontrollable spirit inside the duplicate Hopi habitation

Travelers can also visit the replica Hopi habitation designed by Mary Colter in a village in the Grand Canyon. You can walk through the abode inspired by the ten-thousand-year-old folk housings of the Hopi village.

But the myths surrounding it are that some reports state many rebellious spirits run and roam around the abode’s overhead area.

9-Dinosaur bones in the Canyon

Many believe that they might find dinosaur bones in the Canyon because the Canyon is way old. But unfortunately, the dinosaurs never roamed the Grand Canyon.

The canyon rocks that made those massive, irregular, and beautiful walls are way older than the gigantic prehistoric dinosaurs. Yet, a lot of fossils have been discovered, but they are of marine creatures that date back to over a billion years.

So, the next time you plan Grand Canyon skywalk tours, do try your luck in the canyon during the trip.

10-Gateway to afterlife

A lot of Native tribes consider the Grand Canyon as a sacred place. They believe that when a person starts sailing through the great Colorado River inside the Grand Canyon, they travel from human life ahead to the following phase: the afterlife. The tribal people also believe that the Canyon holds some magical energy, and every traveler should respect the Canyon on their visit.


Don’t believe every myth about the Grand Canyon you hear. Indeed, there will always be some bad apples around, but there are plenty you can only find out by experiencing it by yourself. So if you want to go on a tour, then pack your bags and come to Vegas, leaving behind all the myths. The Grand Canyon tour will surely fill you up with joy and excitement.