Targeting Branded vs. SEO Keywords

Targeting Branded vs. SEO Keywords: Which Should You Focus On?

Whenever you initiate a campaign it becomes necessary for you to perform a thorough keyword-research. Then see the outcome of that research and try to find out some new chances on a systematic basis. You will see SEO as well as branded keywords after the research. Now you have to decide whether branded or SEO keywords are good for you, if you have to make the campaign successful. In the full strategy of Internet marketing for your company, it will be better if you include both SEO and branded keywords. The campaign can be a PPC campaign.

Branded keywords

These include the name of your company. We will not call a keyword as branded if it has the name of another brand. So being an online store keeper if you contain the items of a different brand then this can be easily identified with this. For instance, the company Zappos does the selling of the footwear of other brands. So, if this company sells the other brand items then the keywords like “Birkenstock sandals” and “Nike sneakers” cannot be considered as branded. But we can consider “Zappos reviews” and “Zappos boots” as branded keywords.

SEO keywords

On the basis of competition and search volume of certain phrases your site can be targeted. These phrases are known as SEO keywords. Phrases like “best ladies’ shoes” and “online laptop review” are the SEO keywords. If you do optimization then on SERPs these can give your site good ranking. Examples are:

  • Buy cushion online
  • Best screwdriver
  • Stool for sale

It is very common that in a PPC campaign you bid for a keyword that belongs to you only. However, if bidding is not done by you then your rival can do the bidding on your brand and get better ranking than you.

Targeting SEO vs. Branded keywords

Is it necessary to discard the SEO keyword because of the increased popularity of branding? Suppose your brand keyword does not have a search volume for your new brand then do you find it necessary to do a change like this? If you want that for any site, the traditional and brand keyword need to be balanced ideally, then you will not find any complete solution for this. Now it is possible for your company to build a strategy by making the use of some tools. Will it have any effect to rank for the brand keyword when the SEO keyword is already ranking? The answer is yes. For a search that is branded, if your competitor goes above you then it will make your site look poor. Basically, the users who have faith in you have made these searches.

How to find the search volume of your brand keywords

It will not be useful for you to do the optimization of the search terms that are branded, if for your brand keyword, you are unable to get search volume. Are there any ways so that you can ensure yourself that for a brand keyword you can obtain search volume? The answer is yes. Fill the domain of your site in SEMrush and then:

  • On the side bar that is present on the left, Organic Research needs to be clicked by you.
  • Now Positions tab is required to be clicked.
  • Then the Advanced Filters tab will come. Click on it.
  • After this click on Keyword Type that you will find after scrolling down under the keyword.
  • Now on the basis of “Branded” do filtering.

Do optimization of branded searches if search volume is high. Think about growing your brand if a large number of brand keywords are not present with you.

Various ways by which search volume of brand keywords can increase

  • If you target SEO keywords that are traditional – There is no need to do SEO efforts if for the brand keyword your search volume is not high. Just target an SEO keyword that is traditional. Suppose a personal finance company is opened by you then “online finance tool” or “personal savings tool” and similar other phrases will be your target. You will do this so that the visitors can become familiar with the brand of your company when you perform several activities that are off-site as well as on-site related.
  • If you build brand recognition with different kinds of marketing – To generate a search traffic that is branded you need to perform certain actions on different web properties. You can do this if:

(i)You write and submit a press release – Write about the benefits and launch of your startup in detail and then go for its press release.

(ii)Set up profiles on social media – You need to do this and optimize these also by making the use of images of your brand.

(iii)Create and share articles of content marketing – You can promote the brand of your company by attracting the audience towards your articles.

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