Reliability of Your WooCommerce Prescription Glasses Store

Improve the Reliability of Your WooCommerce Prescription Glasses Store by Adding a PD Measure Tool

Technology has had a profound impact on nearly every aspect of our daily lives, especially on the way we shop. Over the past decade, the percentage of e-commerce sales has grown by double digits each year, and this growth is not slowing down. We have explained here to Improve the Reliability of Your WooCommerce Prescription Glasses Store.

The online shopping landscape is expanding beyond retail goods like clothing and household items. Consumers are increasingly using the internet to purchase necessities, including eyewear.

The struggles of buying the right pair of glasses for someone who can’t do without them are real. From the lengthy process to the hefty price tag, it’s all too much. However, thanks to modern technology and some ingenious entrepreneurs, it is now possible to easily shop for prescription glasses online. In fact, the Vision Council Market Research team found that online sales of glasses and contacts reached 4 billion in 2020.

Reliability of Your WooCommerce Prescription Glasses Store

While convenience is certainly one of the biggest pros of buying prescription glasses online, another huge benefit is a lower price tag. These online retailers cut out middlemen, like brick-and-mortar optical shops and third-party manufacturers, and thus pass those savings on to the customers. This means that in some cases, customers can purchase a pair of spectacles for as less as $6 – and this price includes the price of lenses.

What then deters customers from making an online purchase when it comes to prescription glasses? The answer is simple, and so is the solution.

When a user purchases a pair of corrective eyeglasses from an optical store, the most important thing that he or she aspires to achieve is a pair that not only fits well but also corrects their vision effectively. An optical store owner takes various measurements to ensure this. One of the most important factors that need to be measured is the pupillary distance (PD), which allows the eyewear to be correctly centred on the shopper’s pupils.

To achieve this, the user no longer needs to rely on physical stores alone as the new WooCommerce PD measure plugin can help online stores provide this facility.

The PD measure tool is a unique solution for online prescription eyewear stores that want to provide an all-inclusive service for their customers.

What is Pupillary Distance?

Pupillary Distance (PD) measures the distance between the centers of a person’s pupils in mm. This measurement is used to determine where once looks through the lens of their glasses and should be as accurate as possible in order to get the perfect pair of glasses.

The average adult’s Pupillary Distance (PD) is between 54-74 mm. For kids, it is between 43-58 mm. An eye doctor usually measures a person’s PD during an eye exam.

Why is Pupillary Distance Measurement Important?

Every set of prescription lenses has an “optical center,” which is determined by pupillary distance.

Pupillary distance is an important optical measurement for eyewear products. Getting this measurement right helps ensure the truest vision.

WooCommerce Pupillary Measure Plugin – the Perfect PD Measure Tool Online

Measuring Pupillary Distance for the customers is extremely tricky, but not with the WooCommerce PD measure plugin. Instead of expecting the online customers to find out their pupillary distance on their own by using guidelines from the internet or by visiting a doctor and going through the procedure physically, this tool can be employed. The powerful WooCommerce PD measuring tool helps WooCommerce Optical store owners accurately measure the pupillary distance without employing any cumbersome methods. The tool is fast and accurate that can be used to find PD in a snap. It only needs a camera and a standard credit card with a magnetic strip to get a customer’s PD.

Pupillary Distance Measure Tool allows shoppers to add their PD measurements to their orders when purchasing eyeglasses or lenses online. They can mention their PD measurements on the product page before adding the product to the cart. In case the shoppers don’t have their PD, they can click a link to measure it with the tool. The plugin will ask them to position themselves in the camera with a credit card placed upon their chin. It is as simple as that!

This tool helps improve sales of the website by a great measure as it makes the website a one-stop-shop for prescription eyewear seekers.

One of the pain points consumers face during traditional method of shopping is convenience, and eyewear is no different. Stores may have set hours and host a limited inventory that makes taking a designated trip to receive a set of frames or lenses difficult.

WooCommerce Prescription Glasses Store

With the rise of mobile-friendly websites and applications, it has become much easier than ever for people to order and receive eyewear without making a trip to an eye care professional. Add to that special tools that guarantee a great fit for the user, and customers have a win-win situation. In case of online channels, all that consumers need to do is upload their prescription, use the PD measurement tool, and then choose from hundreds of different brands and styles. For contact lenses, there are even options to automatically reship them at set intervals.

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What makes the WooCommerce PD Measurement toola great fit for any online prescription eyewear store is its controlled protocol, proven accuracy, immediate results, and an easy integration into the ecosystem. The plugin is the fastest and easiest solution to obtain a user’s PD and boost the online business’s sales. Thus, when integrated with vision benefits, purchasing glasses and contact lenses online is fast becoming even more affordable and an easy alternative to visiting brick and mortar retailers.