What Is the Minimum Preparation Time Required to Crack The PTE Test

What Is the Minimum Preparation Time Required to Crack The PTE Test?

“What is the minimum Preparation time required to crack the PTE Test?”- This is the question for what many of you, PTE Aspirants, are looking an answer for.

No one could give the exact answer to such a question.

But, in this blog, you can find ways that can help you improve your score within 4-6 weeks of regular practice. Read the blog and include the solutions in your PTE Preparation.

The amount of time that you need to put in depends upon:

  1. The PTE score that you want to achieve
  2. Your determination towards your PTE preparation
  3. The number of hours you can spend on preparation
  4. Your level of skills and your awareness about it
  5. Your extra efforts

1. The PTE Score That You Want to Achieve

To plan your PTE preparation, you must set a target PTE Score you want to achieve. But it doesn’t mean that you set an unrealistic target like achieving 85+ in PTE test.

If you have taken a mock test or scored tests, you must be aware of your performance; and that when you must plan to increase your PTE Score by 10 or 15 points. Based on your target PTE Score, you must prepare a schedule that includes almost all the tasks. You do not have to go section by section; you can include all the similar types of tasks on a single day. The other way to do so is to divide the tasks based on their credit contribution.

2. Your Determination Towards Your PTE Preparation

There are chances that you might find few tasks very easy while preparing, but there will be tasks that seem challenging to clear; in that case, you need not switch from one task to another or stick to the previous day’s schedule.

You must be very focused and determined for your PTE Preparation and stick to your schedule. Sticking to your schedule tracks your preparation and also contribute equally to all the sections.

3. The Number of Hours You Can Spend On Preparation

After setting a target PTE Score and sticking to your preparation plan, you must now know how many hours you need to put in every day.

The PTE Experts advise you not to spend more than 3-4 hours every day on your PTE Preparation. In case you are working professional and unable to find time every day for the preparation you can prepare for an hour every day. Out of your daily preparation hours, you must take out time to test your preparation and to revise everything that you have prepared so far.

4. Your Level of Skills and Your Awareness About It

The most important part is to know the level of your skills because that will help you determine the number of hours for preparation every day for each task. It will also help you see the focus areas which need your attention, as well as the areas that need the expert’s guidance.

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The easiest way to test your skills is to take the mock tests, scored tests and to get yourself evaluated with the help of the correction service provided by the professional platforms.

5. Your Extra Efforts

However, the Experts guidance or the tips & strategies that are made available to you are not enough to achieve your desired score. You must think out of the box and include specific self-preparation methods in your preparation schedule. For example, you can practice speaking by recording your answers and reviewing them and listening by writing as you hear.

You must also not depend entirely on one platform for your PTE preparation you must also look for helpful videos on YouTube, practice with mobile apps, join the PTE Aspirants telegram community etc.


All these things will help you prepare academically for the PTE Exam, but you must also be mentally prepared and be confident of achieving your desired score. And the confidence comes when you know more and more, and it happens with a lot of practice.

The practice is the key.

You must practice every day and believe in improving yourselves tasks by tasks. Slowly you will see your weaknesses turn in your strengths. It would help if you did not forget to take the experts guidance, PTE Tutorials is one such platform that can help you from the initial point to achieving your desired score. You can download a lot of FREE practice materials and learn the tips & Tricks by the experts. For extra efforts, you can also subscribe and watch the helpful YouTube videos and do not forget to join their PTE Tutorials Telegram group.“Your efforts and expert’s guidance will lead you to success in the PTE Test” – a PTE Expert.