Key Facts and Benefits of Dokha

Key Facts and Benefits of Dokha

People smoke for various reasons. Many people smoke when they feel anxious or stressed out and want a temporary escape. For some people, smoking keeps them alert and awake since it acts as a stimulant. Smoking is an acceptable practice at mostly all types of events or social gatherings and can help an individual to interact and socialize.

No matter how cool you look when smoking, you should be aware that inhalation of any type of tobacco is unhealthy. However, many experts believe that dokha, a traditional tobacco found and used in certain Middle East region is safer for the health of smokers. Smoking dokha is very common in the Middle East countries. It is quite accessible as well because you can buy dokha online.

If this is the first time you heard the term dokha and you are keen to know more about it, here are some facts and benefits about this tobacco.

  1. It is one of the oldest types of tobacco in the Middle East

Dokha in Arabic means dizzy. This tobacco has been cultivated and used in various Middle Eastern countries for more than 500 years now. Around 1400s, dokha made its first appearance in the northern region of Iran as a form of recreational smoking. Later, in the early 1500s, dokha was introduced in the other Middle Eastern countries.

During all these years, many tobacco producers tried to make changes to improve the quality of dokha. Today, you can even find pure additive-free dokha cultivated within organic environment standards.

  • There are 3 main categories or blends of Dokha
  • Hot: This is the strongest blend. It offers a strong flavour and exceeding head spin. It is usually smoked by experienced smokers.
  • Warm: This type of blend offers a pleasant buzz. It is usually smoked by people who have some degree of experience in smoking.
  • Cold: This blend is light and smooth. This is often recommended for beginners preferring a light buzz.
  • Medwakh is needed to smoke dokha

Medwakh is handmade Arabic smoking pipe which is structurally different from modern western smoking pipes. Medwakh is usually made of wood; however, you can even find medwakh made of metal, steel, silver, glass, gold and bone.

Dokha offers various benefits that other types of tobacco products cannot provide.

  1. When compared to other tobacco products, smoking dokha is less damaging to health as it is an organic tobacco, grown and manufactured without any harmful chemical additives.
  2. Three to four puffs of dokha is enough to give you the much-needed buzz. This will help you in avoiding over-smoking.
  3. Smoking dokha doesn’t come with the usual mess. A small amount of dokha placed on the medwakh leaves little or no ash on your clothes or at any place.
  4. Dokha smoke does not leave a residual odour on your clothes or even your breath. Unlike cigarettes and similar tobacco products, dokha does not stain clothes and fingers.

Due to the processing of dokha and the absence of additives, many consider dokha healthier than other tobacco products. If you want to try this traditional tobacco, you can easily find it as many dokha producers have clients spread over international markets. For convenience, you can even buy dokha online

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