How to Choose Gas Grill under $500 in 2020

How to Choose Gas Grill under $500 in 2020?

Knowing what gas grill to buy can be a challenge for starters. But guess what! We will walk you through the entire journey for your lovely grilling experience. You can get the best gas grills under $500. So let’s get started.

You must be thinking why to use the gas grill when we have our conventional charcoal grill? Thought so! The charcoal grill has traditional vibes, but not user friendly and expensive. It takes time to set it up. On the other hand, the gas grill used in our times is economical in every way. It offers simplicity and won’t make your backyard messy. Just turn a knob and boom! You’re all set!

But wait – there’s more! You need to know certain gas grill terminologies before purchasing the best gas grill. So let’s check them out!

Gas Grill Terminologies

1.  Burner and Side Burners

The source of fire to the grill is the burner. Burners manage the level of heat of the grill and to reach an optimum level. A grill that has 3 burners can heat up faster than with just 2 burners. You can regulate the spreading of heat and the temperature over the grill if you have more burners.

2.  Propane Tank

Using propane to your grill is a much simpler way as you just need a propane tank and connect it to the gas grill. But, first a warning! You need to be fully sure of what you’re doing for safety reasons. You can also connect your gas grill to house propane adaptor and this way you will never run out of propane. You only need a house gas line and tell the plumbers to get your gas line outdoors. Then simply link it to your grill. 

3.  Control Valves

Control Valves are attached to burners to regulate the fire and temperature of the grill. Each burner has its own control valve. Buy a grill that has stainless steel control valves because they are durable.

4.  Cooking Grates

The Cooking grates are placed in the cooking area. The grates must be of cast iron. It can also be of stainless steel. And washing them won’t be taxing. It will capture the heat for a long time to give you the best-grilled meat.

5.  British Thermal Unit

The grill makers use the unit British Thermal Unit which calculates the temperature and the amount of fuel used in the grill. A grill must have proper insulation and best cooking grates to ensure that the food is fully and properly cooked. A grill with lower than 100 BTUs in every square inch is okay. The competence of the grill matters. A gas grill with a smoker is apt for this.

6.  Hood

The cover of the grill is the hood. It regulates the proper laying out of the heat over the grill. It should be of stainless steel or it has to be of aluminum to make sure the heat stays within the grill. It has to be thick-walled. It should fit the grill in a compact way to obstruct the heat from escaping.

7. Warming Rack

You can put your food above the cooking grates with a warming rack. It increases the cooking area. Using a warming rack you are taking away the food from the fire and thus lessening the chances of overcooking your food.

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8. Ignition Switch

To initiate the fire and heat in your grill you need ignition switch. It should be standard and run by batteries as they are more durable.

Now that you are sound with the terminologies and details, we are assuming you have a clearer idea. Try and look for the things we’ve mentioned in your new gas grill under 300 or $500 to have an exciting experience.

Gas Grill Accessories

A gas grill owner must own a tool of gas grill accessories to enrich the grilling and make the cooking process much easier. It will make your grilling versatile and customize it using the accessories. While buying, you can look for the smoker gas grill to add a smoky touch to your food. It can be done using wood chips. Check these accessories out:

1.   Digital thermometer

2.   BBQ Aprons

3.   Gloves which can resist heat

4.   Tongs of Stainless Steel

5.   Grill Rack

6.   Charcoal Trays

7.   Cleaning Tool

8.   Kebab Skewers

9.   Rotisserie Kits

10. Smoker Box

Conclusion: So purchase a grill which suits your requirements. The right grill will make your moments of enjoying nice BBQ meat with grilled vegetables extraordinary for you and your relatives! By now you’ve realized your grilling requirements. What are you waiting for? Go ahead!  Buy a standard gas grill under 500 and let the grilling begin!

What else do you think can be added to the list of requirements for the best gas grill? Maybe you have a couple of branded recipes? Be sure to share it with us in the comments!

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