How much it cost to fix a Phone

How much it cost to fix a Phone?

Your phone is broken and you are worried about its repair cost? Every phone has unique features and bodies, so their cost also varies phone to phone and damages.

Life is managed by phone in today’s life. When you dropped your phone and the screen has broken.

Or jump into the pole; forget about your mobile which is in your pocket. And your phone is totally damaged by water. Then take some time to think about whether you got to a new phone or repair it.

Sometimes repair cost is minor rather than to buy a new costly phone. Below we are discussed different repair costs of different phones.

Screen crash

The phone is dropped on the floor or hit with the hard thing, the screen will be crashed .you are unable to see anything on it. Sometimes some touch is also faxing in this case.

The repair cost of the phone also depends on the model of the mobile. If it is the latest model his cost is high and if you have some old version it will be cheap as compare to the latest.

The repair cost of every brand varies. If you are using an iPhone, you will be charged 50$ to $200. Maybe it different to fully damage or partially. (Telefoon reparatie roosendaal)

If you have a Samsung damage screen phone, its cost will be %12 to $19 according to Samsung premium care.

Battery repair

Batter repairs are a common problem for all users. Everyone faces it in his experience. If your phone is not good with batter problem it can be frustrated you. Because it may lose many tasks that you have to perform. 

Before we know about this cost first check what are problems related to battery change.

  • The battery is not charging
  • Battery charging falls shortly
  • Phone abnormally heats up on the charge
  • The phone goes off often unexpectedly.
  • The battery goes to swollen

If your phone has these problems it needs to b change battery. The battery cost of the Smartphone is normally high in the latest models. It may be $29-$129 according to the repair center.

Android phone battery is cheaper as compared to the iPhone. They also vary in models and manufacturers like Samsung Huawei and Qmobile.

Power button

The power button is frequently used while lock or unlock the phone. Frequently use will result in loose or damage. Sometimes the phone is fall and the power button stop working.

The repair cost of the power button is $29-$64 or may be different according to your phone and model.

Speaker and microphone

A faulty wire or dropped phone will become the cause of the speaker or microphone damaging. There is mostly confusion in the understanding of the speaker and microphone. If you listen to the sound of the music ringtone then your phone(Phone Repairs Coventry) speaker is okay.  And if your caller is listening to your voice it will microphone problem. The repair cost of the speaker and microphone is normally between the $10-$79 .it also being different in brands and models.

In conclusion, each phone has not the same price and similarly, its components price is not the same. So the repairing cost is not the same in all brands and models.

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