How can I monitor my child's computer without them knowing

How can I monitor my child’s computer without them knowing?

Are you wondering to monitor your child’s computer device without them knowing?  You may have questions in your mind that how to do it. Well! Gone are the days when you are unable to do that because technology has surpassed everything. Now monitor the computer device of your child without them knowing. Espionage on computing devices is in trend, and when it comes to monitoring computer laptop devices, you can use a computer monitoring software to get the job done. You need to opt for it, but you need to know about it in the following.

Why monitor a child’s computer without them knowing?

Digital devices like PCs and computing devices connected to cyberspace can turn vulnerable to kid’s online safety. The rise and the rise of online predators and un-safe web can harm your child to the next level. Monitoring on laptop devices is necessary to safeguard their digital space. It empowers you to make sure the online safety of kids. There are the following concerns that make parents feel insecure.

Online dating among teens 

Sexual hookups and one night stands have become a norm in teen’s lives. So, using online dating apps and other social platforms could be dangerous for teens.  Teens are used to finding out perfect matches on apps like Tinder, Facebook, and many more. Your teens could interact with potential risks.

Exposure to the adult content

Porn is everywhere on the web. An accidently search key like sex can make your teens to exposure with adult sites. Therefore, teens are more likely to become addicted to carnal content. So, parents have to filter the adult material on the web to protect kids from adult videos and photos.

Obsession with social media platforms

Social media addiction is on the rise among teens. They use computing devices and interact with social media predators.  Teens used to make chat conversations and make voice and video calls. They also share photos and videos in a sexually suggestive way. Parents have to do something to monitor their child’s computer device without them knowing.

Sharing of privacy

Privacy sharing is vulnerable to teens. Over the years the incidents of child abduction, child kidnapping, and child trafficking are on the rise. So, parents have to take care of kid’s online privacy, because they used to share names, photos, school names, and many more on social digital platforms.

What is computer monitoring software?

A computer tracking app is a kind of software that you can install on any laptop and desktop device.  It is the best application to monitor your kid’s digital space. Parents can secretly get access to the target computer devices running with the windows and MAC operating systems. Once it has been installed on the target device you can get access to its online web control panel. Further, use the visit to its features and use them to set parental control on computing devices.

Use Features like screen recording, screenshots, MIC bug, camera bug, surround recording, and view installed applications. Moreover, use keystrokes logging, computer camera photos, GPS location tracking, block websites, and computer usage reports. Every feature of the computer tracking app has come up with the finest technology that provides you instant results. You can visit the monitored results via an online dashboard and keep an eye on your child secretly without them knowing.


Windows and mac tracking app is compatible with all OS versions. So, install it on your target device and get rid of parental concerns to the fullest.

Use Computer spy app to monitor kid’s computing devices without them knowing


Users can remotely capture screenshots of computer devices connected to the internet. You can schedule multiple screenshots on the target device by using computer tracking app online dashboard. Further, get access to the web control panel and examine all the captured screenshots to know about the activities happen on the desktop device screen. User will capture the screen of the target laptop device without them knowing.

 Block websites

You can remotely block inappropriate websites in your child’s access through computer devices. You can filter websites by using URls into the filters.

Screen recording

Users can record back to back videos of desktop screen and send the recorded videos to the web control panel without them knowing. You can monitor real-time activity of kids on PCs.

Camera bug

You can take control on the laptop device front camera to know who is using the device with schedule.

MIC bug

You can control mic of the computer device and listen to the surrounds sounds and voice conversations.


Users can record and capture every keystroke applied on target laptop device such as passwords, messages, messenger and email keystrokes.


Computer monitoring app is the best tool for parents to monitor kid’s without them knowing to make sure digital space safe than ever before.