Don’t Use These 2 Dry Fruits in Summar

Don’t Use These 2 Dry Fruits in Summar

The craving of eating them starts awakening in the minds of people after listening to a few dry fruits like cashew nuts, almonds, raisins. On hearing his name only, it comes to our mind that something good is being made in the house, only then these things are being ordered. In special dishes like halva, panjiri and kheer, we consume dry fruit. These not only enhance the taste of the dish but also serve to nourish your body. Even if we do not put dry fruit in the dishes, it is very easy to eat them. No dry fruit is made for a particular season. We can eat them whenever we want. Dry fruits are not only consumed for taste but also supply essential vitamins and minerals in our body and help in strengthening our bones and muscles.

Eating breakfast in the morning or snack in the evening is always beneficial for your health. Some people consume dry fruit for energy in the body before and after the gym and dry fruit gives you energy for at least 3 to 4 hours. Not only this, dry fruits also work to keep your health healthy for a long time. Although dry fruit can be eaten in any season, but in summer some dry fruit can make you sick. Yes, the taste of some dry fruits is very hot, which can cause many problems in the body. It is not that only dry fruit but some food intake in summer can spoil your health and make you sick. Therefore, the intake of dry fruit in summer should be controlled because excessive consumption can cause disturbances in your stomach. In this article, we are telling you which dry fruit you should not consume in summer. So let’s know which are these dry fruits, which can be spoiled by eating in summer.

Do not consume these 2 dry fruits in summer
A- Use of dates can spoil your health
The egg-shaped date palm grows on the palm tree. Although dates are used in many dishes, very few people will be aware that dates are known to keep the digestion process naturally. In fact, there are many types of nutrients and minerals in dates, which work to keep our body healthy and away from diseases. This date, which maintains our health, should be eaten less in summer as it can also spoil our health. Learn how

Many people may not know that the quantity of sugar in dates is very high, so people who have problems with blood sugar should not try this fruit. Yes, consuming a limited amount of dates helps to keep you healthy.

Date is high in fiber, which helps in weight loss, but when you consume more dates, the amount of calories in the body increases and the weight also increases. Not only can this, consuming high amounts of fiber also cause pain in your stomach.

A chemical called sulfite can also cause problems like bloating, abdominal pain, and diarrhea to give the date a glow. Not only this, the histamine present in dates causes allergies.

Excessive consumption of dates causes tooth decay. It also proves difficult for children to digest dates in summer. Consumption of dates is harmful for children because their teeth and intestines are not strong to digest foods like dates and they become ill after eating dates.

B- Dried Date intake increases summer

Consumption of Dried date in summer can be harmful for your health because if your blood sugar level is high then the sugar in it will increase your sugar level further.

At the same time, calories are also very high in Dried date, and if you are trying to lose weight, do not consume it because it can increase your weight.

The date of the date palm is warm, which can cause stomach ache due to excessive consumption.

People who are not able to withstand the heat due to the effect it can also be allergic to it.

Children are very difficult to chew, because their intestines are not fully developed. Excessive consumption of Dried date in summer can cause problems like diarrhea.

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