Direct Mail Postcard

Direct Mail Postcards – Everything You Need to Know

The postcards are one of the basic yet most appreciable form of direct mail. It has a great ability to capture the attention of the targeted audience and has a pretty simple format. But, to make a postcard work, it should cut through the clutter and give a crisp and clear message to the audience.

Many companies based in United States are leaning towards the traditional marketing techniques instead of digital materials. For example, if you search – Direct mail postcards service Massachusetts, a lot of service options would come to your notice. Your main task is to select a service that fulfils all your requirements.

Benefits of Direct Mail Postcards

Direct mail postcards are effective for every business. Whether you are a restaurant that wants a specific clientele, real estate agent trying to target a specific demographic, or involved in B2B commerce, direct mail postcards if used properly would prove to be beneficial.

  • Keep it basic – Don’t stuff your postcard. Keep it as simple as possible. Your targeted audience should be able to learn about the basic points with just one glance. Postcards are just like trailers, let your customers watch the entire movie on the website. It increases their curiosity and keeps them hooked to your company.
  • Amalgamate front and back sides – No matter which side your customers first glance at, one should always be interconnected to the other. It is all about simplicity and making your customers understand what are you trying to sell them exactly.
  • Go big and bold – Although USPS has mentioned specific dimensions for the direct mail postcards, you can still make the same size look bigger. How? Well, stop filling up the entire space. This way your postcard would look bigger and better.
  • Use the right pictures – Graphics say a lot about your company. It is crucial that all the pictures that you use boost the message that you have been trying to pass to your audience. The pictures should be true to the brand and should not be distorted.
  • Strong call to action – Postcards cannot afford to be subtle. It is crucial that you tell your targeted audience about the steps that they need to take after reading the postcard. Use a captivating and motivating call to action. It would really improve your conversion rate. 

Steps for Perfect Postcard Campaigning

Companies have been using printing and mailing services for years. Even if this is not a new concept for you, try to be more creative than before. Remember the mistakes committed in the past and work towards improving them before you set out to mail your postcards!

Here is how you can create an attractive postcard using a reliable and professional mailing service –

  • Set a goal – Planning the first step for everything. This fact is no different when it comes to postcard campaigning. Before you set out to choose a printing and mailing service, figure out your main objective. What is it that you want to inform the customers and how do you want to do it? Postcards are beneficial when the set of target audience is small in size. They have a narrower purpose in comparison to other forms of direct mail marketing.
  • Check the size required – Think about the space that you are going to use for the promotion of your products or services. According to the USPS, postcard should be rectangular in shape and should not be larger than a particular size.
  • Check the USPS rates – Before tying up with a printing service, always check the USPS price to make sure that your work is cost-effective. Depending on the quantity of postcards, the rate also decreases.
  • Build a budget – Once you know the common USPS rates, it is time to set the budget. That way you would be able to maintain a balance between budget and targeted audience reach. When you monitor the response afterwards, you can see if the postcards are worth their value.
  • Set the campaign schedule – Although postcard campaigning is always cost-effective and efficient in nature, you still have to make a schedule as when it would be sent to the audience. Depending on the goal, budget, and target audience; you can set a timeline for the deliverables. Also, make sure that the printing and mailing services company you hire fulfils the task within the deadline.

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