Types of hammers

Different Types Of Hammers With Uses

You all must have heard about hammers. A hammer has a head made of metal, wood, or rubber sometimes according to the requirement. They have a lightweight handle, and the head contains about 80% weight of the whole hammer. Their handles are usually made of wood, but sometimes they use the same material as they used to make the handle. Everyone needs this tool at some time. There are hundreds of hammers in the market for doing a variety of different jobs. They come in different weights, sizes, and shapes as well. Today, we have chosen a small selection that we feel is commonly used around most DIY tasks around the home and garden and think that you should know these hammers.

Types of hammers with uses:

Claw Hammer:- This is the most common and famous tool in the group of hammers. It is called a claw hammer because of its design as it is round from the hammerhead’s backside and looks like a claw.

Uses:- This is the favorite tool of DIYer who loves to do creativity. It is used to insert a nail in a wall or any surface and remove it when needed.

Club Hammer or Lump Hammer:- A club hammer consists of 3 main parts, i.e., handle, head & striking face. This hammer is designed for light demolition, and often nation workers and bricklayers use them when hammer and chisels and bolsters to break up bricks and blocks. They come in a 2-pound range and a 4-pound range. You can’t get the fiberglass handle, likewise with the hardwood handle. You can break anything you want with this hammer.

Use:- It is mostly used for destruction work, to break the drywall or Masonry wall, slabs of concrete, and floors.

Ball Peen Hammer:- A ball-peen hammer has four main parts, i.e., handle, head ball-peen & striking face. This tool is mainly used in workshops. This hammer is called ball-peen because it has a ball-shaped head from the back of its head, which helps design the material.

Use:- They are used in many industries for riveting work, to provide shape to metal, to drive punches and cold chisels.

Cross peen Hammer:- A cross peen hammer has a peen that is perpendicular to the handle. So, much like most hammers, they’re probably the most common hammer used in blacksmithing.

Use:- These hammers are used in woodworking, stone breaking or shaping, and metalworking.

Straight peen Hammer:- A straight peen hammer is straight or inline with the handle. So the eyehole runs in the same direction as the peen does, and these are pretty rarely seen now.

Use:- They are also used in the same as the other peen hammers used.

Mallet:- A mallet is a type of hammer whose head is made of wood or rubber sometimes. These are some of the heaviest hammers. Their heads are also the biggest head among the group of hammers. They are normally smaller than the splitting mauls.

Use:- They are usually used in carpenter shops to knock wooden pieces together, to drive chisels, upholstery work.

Dead blow Hammer:- Most people are not aware of the dead blow hammers. It is used to minimize the damage and maximize the striking force. Apart from other hammers, this hammer’s head is half-filled with steel shot, lead shot, or sand sometimes, which does not allow this tool to bounce back and provide safety to the user.

Use:- They are used in chassis work in the auto repair industry and to remove something from its fixed position by applying huge force without damaging it.

Splitting Maul:- They are also known as block buster, ham axe, sledge axe. They are slightly different from other hammers. As the others are designed to break and provide shape, they are designed to split the woods. The splitting maul has a big size sharp head and long handle, which helps to generate the massive force.

Use:- The primary purpose of using this tool is to cut the wood log. You cannot split the logs using any other hammer except splitting maul.

Soft-face Hammer:- This hammer is used for light demolition work. A soft-face hammer body is made from steel, and its faces are mostly made of plastic. This hammer has faces can be easily removed by simply moving them in the clockwise and anticlockwise direction, and new faces can be installed by the same. 

Use:- This hammer is used to strike light metals, to brake, and to give shape without damaging. Soft hammer is used for metals like copper, brass, glass.

Jackhammer:- A jackhammer is different from all the hammers listed above. The human force uses all the above hammers, on the other hand, a jackhammer uses the compressed air. The only power a user apply on it is while holding it. This hammer is directly connected by a chisel which moves back and forth very rapidly with very high force. 

Use:- It is used in highly destruction work like rock breaking, road digging for severs, breaking the concrete.