Trademark Registration

Preserve The Integrity Of Your Company Name With Trademark Registration

Building a strong brand is not easy, but the potential value of the efforts is worth it. A trademark registration can help you protect your business. You can sue anyone who uses your name illegally, appeal a trademark application that feels close to you, and ensure that your reputation is not threatened.

As an entrepreneur, you know that it is important to take care of every aspect of the business from the product or service to the brand and profit. Usually, the owner balances the costs and benefits of every expenses and may wonder whether a trademark is really necessary in the company name or not. These business owners may wonder if it is worth the time, effort, document costs and legal fees. The answer is simple that the $1,000 required to register a trademark is usually worth it.

How Can I trademark a business logo and name?

To register a trademark in the United States, you must apply to the USPTO, a federal agency that regulates the applicability of trademark protection. While you can officially register a trademark with the USPTO yourself, it is still strongly suggested that you consult a trademark attorney because trained professionals can streamline the process and guarantee the legitimacy of the trademark. If you’re wondering how can I monitor my trademark online and who can help me do such a job, then you must count on professional lawyers as they know how to deal with all the aspects of trademark registration. Making mistakes in the application process will waste your time and money.

Trademark: A Marketing Tool

The trademark can be used as a clear private trademark for your company’s products and services. Trademark is a brand identifier. Only you can manufacture or sell labeled goods or services to ensure market safety.

Trademarks provide exclusive legal property in specific geographic areas, states, and countries. If a downstream company attempts to use your trademark or confusingly similar trademark to manufacture counterfeit products, legal action will be taken.

In addition, trademark owners can register their trademarks with the US Customs and Border Protection Service, which will prevent the import of counterfeit products that infringe their trademarks. Therefore, protect the registered trademark from forgery.

Trademark: Company’s Biggest Asset

As a startup company matures, a trademark can serve as a catalyst for adding value, especially as it continues to grow. Therefore, it is very important to use brands in marketing strategies to increase brand awareness and attract more consumers.

After a start-up company’s product or service has gained a good reputation, consumers associate its brand with the company’s management. Brands are useful when companies want to diversify their products or services, franchising through licensing, and add value by putting itself up for sale.

How much does it cost to trademark a business logo and name?

The cost of registering a trademark depends on numerous aspects. It is strongly recommended that you first decide whether to cooperate with a lawyer or not. Attorney fees vary; the average price is ranged from $800 to $3,000.

Afterwards, you must determine which type of trademark you need (TEAS Plus or TEAS Standard), the number of categories to be applied for, and the definition used. Different types of trademark have different pricings. If you wish to get an estimate on every type, it is recommended to consult a lawyer or an expert in the field.

What’s next after trademark application process

After submitting a trademark application, you must respond to USPTO’s comments immediately. The reviewer may request corrections to your request, other documents or answers to other questions. If they believe that other parties will infringe your existing trademark and cause confusion, submitting an application can give you 30 days to appeal your trademark. If either party has an objection to your request, you should work with the USPTO Trademark Appeals and Testing Committee to resolve the issue and deal with it.

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Whether you are aware of all the technicalities to register a trademark or you’re just a startup and do not know the industry very well, hiring a professional attorney may help you stand out in the market. A lawyer or an individual with a professional approach and knowledge about all the aspects of trademark registration can assist you throughout your business enhancement journey. It is worth consider an attorney to get your trademark registered.

Wrapping up

Registering a company name will greatly increase your chances of success in the court. Brand owners assume that they are legitimate brand owners and that the brand is valid. If you have no trademark, you may spend a lot of time and money to prove that the brand is effective, you own the brand and you have been using the brand in international trade. If you show intentional trademark infringement, you may receive other resources, such as attorney fees.