Chewing Gum for Weight Loss

Chewing Gum for Weight Loss?

Gum diet is a diet method that only chews gum. Speaking of dieting, many people tried to exercise but were frustrated due to tight exercise and dietary restrictions. If you are looking for a diet that you can quickly start and continue with, why not consider the gum diet? This time, I will introduce the correct method and precautions for the gum diet.

Is it true that you can lose weight by chewing gum?

Do you eat foods that you can’t swallow unless you chew a lot, such as root vegetables and snacks for snacks? The gum diet is recommended for those who have a habit of eating and eating fast without having to chew too much. Chewing exercises can be expected to be useful for beauty and diet.

 Let’s take a quick look at what kind of effect a diet with gum can have.

◇ The calorie of gum is about 3 kcal per grain

The calorie of commercially available granular gum is about 3 kcal per grain. A medium apple is about 150 calories, and shortcake is about 340 calories. If you use gum as a snack, you can significantly reduce your calorie intake.

◇ Stimulate the satiety center

It is said that modern people chew about 600 times in one meal. It is said that he had chewed 1400 times before the war, and it can be seen that he has chewed less than half. I’ve heard that eating fast makes you fat because you overeat before you feel full. If you bite well over time, the satiety center will be stimulated, and you will feel complete even with a small meal. It is possible to control your appetite by creating a habit of chewing gum.

◇ Small face effect by chewing

You can expect the impact of tightening your face by chewing gum. However, chewing is done every day, so if you have a bad chewing habit, it may cause facial distortions, terrible for your health. Just by chewing the gum while conscious of the correct way to chew, the distortion of the face is corrected, and it approaches a small look.

◇ Saliva promotes digestion

Chewing gum after eating increases saliva production. Since saliva contains a digestive enzyme called amylase, it has the role of preventing indigestion and facilitating the intake of necessary nutrients. Indigestion due to overeating can lead to weight gain, so let’s secrete saliva to help digestion. Super P Force and Tadarise 20 Premature ejaculation is said to be caused by anxiety and tension, but it may also be triggered by frequent urination due to labor and aging

Gum diet method

Now let’s look at the practical way of gum diet.

◇Gum diet after meals

The satiety center is involved in overeating. I don’t feel like I’m full if my satiety center isn’t working, so have you ever overeaten when you eat fast? Overeating is the most significant cause of fat calories. Chewing gum after a meal is done to help the satiety center work.

Chew gum 20 minutes before meals

 It is said that the satiety center works about 20 minutes after starting eating. Therefore, if you start chewing gum about 20 minutes before you start eating, you can suppress your appetite. You can begin chewing gum right after the lunch break, go to the lunch shop until the food is delivered, etc. You can continue without forgetting for about 20 minutes. If you chew gum before meals, be aware and try to eat less. Even if a small meal is sufficient, it is meaningless to eat more than necessary because it is wasteful to leave.

If unsatisfactory, chew gum after eating

 It is said that the 8th-minute meal is acceptable. This is good for your health and diet. However, if you are not accustomed to it, it is difficult to limit your diet and calories, causing stress. If you feel unsatisfactory after eating, chew the gum. Chew the gum to activate the satiety center that was lacking during meals.

◇Replacement gum diet

The replacement gum diet is a method of making snacks into the gum. It’s not useful for people who don’t have a habit of snacking, but it’s recommended for people who pick up something sweet.

If you are hungry, replace the snack with gum.

 If you are hungry, chew the gum. However, do not chew the gums after the pre-meal meal and chew the gums one after another because you feel lonely, so be sure to allow some time. It’s a good idea to decide your own rules, such as biting only when you usually have a snack orbiting after a while.

Notes on gum diet

Gum diet can be done if you have gum, but there are some points in choosing and chew gum.

◇Gum type and selection

Choose gum with a flavor you like. You don’t have to worry about selecting a mint type even though you are not right. Gum for gum diet is also on sale, so if you don’t know which one to choose, try it. By the way, the flavor that works to suppress appetite is grapefruit, so it is often used as a flavor for gum diets.

・Choose sugarless

 The reason for choosing sugarless is to reduce the risk of having tooth decay by continuing to chew on sweetgum, rather than calorie issues. Mutants make acid from sugars and dissolve teeth, resulting in tooth decay. Continuing to chew on sweet gum is like feeding mutans bacteria, which creates an environment in which the mouth is prone to decay. Choose sugarless to prevent that.

・Choose xylitol combination

 Is xylitol a drug because it prevents tooth decay? You might think that. Xylitol is a sweetener, not a cure. It is said that the bacillus has an effect of preventing tooth decay because mutants cannot decompose xylitol and produce acid that causes tooth decay.

Although it is a rough guideline for daily intake, it is stated from the xylitol gum package, “Take 2 tablets 5 minutes at a time, 7 times a day”. It’s calculated to be 14 tablets, so it’s one gum in an elongated package.

◇ Effective chewing gum

Although many people are not aware of this, the biting action uses the jaw and face muscles, so the more you bite, the more critical it is to chew correctly. Poor chewing can distort your face. Let’s look at the precautions when chewing gum.

・Do does not chew too hard

・Chew without opening your mouth

・Bite left and right evenly

・Do does not bite facing down

・Chew over 5 minutes

◇Notes on gum diet

You may think that the gum diet has all the advantages, but there are some disadvantages. Individual differences are depending on your constitution, but please note the following two points.

・Become hungry

 The product containing xylitol says, “If you overeat at one time, you may get hungry depending on your constitution.” This is because xylitol is challenging to digest and absorb in the small intestine. The symptom is that my stomach aches and diarrhea tens of minutes after eating, and when I go to the bathroom, I feel refreshed and painful. There are no worries because it is a transient symptom, but be careful not to overeat as it varies from person to person. If you often have diarrhea, reduce the amount of gum.

・Gas becomes easy to collect

 There are two types of gas in the abdomen: gas generated in the stomach and air entering through the mouth. Air that comes in through the mouth is swallowed with food and drink, and gum is consumed in the same way. Also, since xylitol is challenging to digest, it becomes an element that generates gas when it reaches the intestine, making it easier for gas to accumulate. It would be nice to get out with farts, but when gas accumulates, I get hungry, and it becomes painful. There are also massage and gymnastics for degassing, and products that crush gas in the stomach to improve gas retention. Use the method that suits you best to improve the bloating that gas accumulates.

Gum diet if you want to have a small face easily

How was it? Many people chew gum even if they have different purposes, such as drowsiness, alertness, concentration, and tooth decay prevention. This time, I saw how to make a diet just by chewing gum. We found that the gum diet not only manages your weight but also corrects facial distortions and tightens your face, so it’s great for getting a small look. If you don’t bite a lot, you may be able to realize the effect. The gum diet is recommended if you want to have a small face easily. You can get started quickly with gum.