Best Treks in Mumbai

Best Treks in Mumbai

Looking for a day’s trip? You will be blown away knowing about the places you can visit within 24 hours. May sound lame but not all of us are free enough to take a day off even if it’s Sunday. Office duties on weekdays, family duties on weekends, whoops! When do you get to relax and have a fun time with your family? That’s still a question for many of us over time. Now get ready to feel wow because you are going to see treks, lakes, even camps in one of the busiest cities in India, Mumbai. You have no idea, what Mumbai has apart from busy roads, buildings, and cars!

1.       Pawna Lake

Pavana lake or Pavana Dam Reservoir is the best one-day picnic spot. The reservoir turned artificial lake is the eye-catcher for people from many cities, especially Pune and Mumbai. You would love to consider this spot due to its proximity to Lonavala hill station and forts like Lohagad, Tikona, and Tung. Make friends because you would get to meet around 4000 people would visit this place every weekend! The weather is promising and you won’t even think of another place to visit for the next weekend. ‘Tent’ stay with your friends and chill out. Photography lovers, you are more than invited to use this place.

2.       Kanheri Caves Trail

Do you want to know if your clustered city has trek places? Yes, it does my friend! No stressful walking over mud or steeps. Have a happy refreshing walk through the woods to reach the Kanheri Cave. Located in Sanjay National Park in Borivali, you would be surprised to see the other side of the metropolitan city. Move over the small cliff at the end of the trial and voila, there’s your splendid view of the park. Starting from the Kanheri plateau, keep your eyes open buddy, you might have surprise guests too till you reach the end. Haha, nothing to frighten you. You could catch a glimpse of rare exotic birds too.

3. Chinchoti Trail

Want to see your children feel the waters in green vegetation as well as steal moments with your loved one? You are at the right place. Introducing you to one of the coolest places in Mumbai for a weekend getaway. Choose the way you are comfortable with and do the trek. Not kidding because you have many routes to reach your destination. If I were you, I would choose the trail which starts from Kaman Phata. Explore through a village, cross a few streams, you will definitely expand your eyes to record all the scenic views at the same time! Dense vegetation is waiting for you even after the streams.

4.Tungareshwar Trek

You would be surprised to see what Sanjay National Park has within. Beat the city blues and go for it because it’s worth it man! A trek to Tungareshwar makes nature lovers love nature even more and adventurers to want adventures even more. Beautiful sights of waterfalls, blissful ravines, and valleys with clouds staying on it, you would love Mumbai too. Imagine mouth-watering food served hot and cosy in your blankets in winter! Jus wow, right?

5- Kaas Plateau Trek

Will you make an extra effort if it’s worth it? I am pretty sure you would, after knowing about this valley of flowers. Just a few hours from your hometown and you would be on an adventurous and thrilling trekking experience watching the carpet of wildflowers. Ease up the tension between your office mates, because this trek is to chill and have some peers’ fun. based on the high hills of the Sahyadri range, Maharashtra, the best time to visit would be September or October. This is a magical place with lakes, a home to almost 850 species of butterflies, and a place for endemic flowers such as Anjani, Paner, Sonki, Kondal, Deepkadee, and Kaasa. The 1000-hectare area is a mix of delight and joy.

The best thing about treks in Mumbai is that you get to choose the way you would be comfortable with. Walk along the path, trek the steeps, jump over rocks, all to reach the same location. I hope to see you breathe fresh air in your city!