Best Shower Chair for the Seniors and Disabled

Best Shower Chair for the Seniors and Disabled

Shower chair works like a lifesaver for elderly and disabled persons. It makes the safety part of a shower lot easier. You do not have to worry about your beloved elders while they are having a shower.

A recent study has said that most of the accidents that elders face happen in the shower. See, how dangerous a normal shower can turn into? So, a shower chair will help them with safety. It will also make them more independent and help them with hygiene issues. If you want to know more about the best shower chair, then let’s get started.

Why need a shower chair?

Shower chairs are often for people unable to stand on their own. People who cannot have their own shower by themselves need a shower chair. It helps them to have a good warm shower with little hassle. Not being able to stand for a shower is pretty much everything that gives a hint that the elders need a shower chair.

But some elders can shower by themselves. But a little help can make their life easier. Shower chair will also save them from unwanted accidents. So a shower chair is important for them.

People with disability whether it is physical or mental need a shower chair. They often face physical limitations that do not let them have an enjoyable shower. They need a shower chair that will support them to help

Benefits of Using a Shower Seat

Helps with safety

If you are not even an elderly person or disabled, but just afraid of falling down on the bathroom, the shower chair is there for you. It will be there for you if you are about to fall on the slippery shower. It definitely is a good thing to keep in the shower no matter if you have elders at home. And if someone who uses a wheelchair needs it someday, it will be all worth it. Best Shower Wheelchair Reviews and Buying Guide

Hygiene is important

Call me a germ phoebe but people who have a problem with mobility should not use hotel shower chairs. We do not know how clean that thing is. Having a personal shower chair will help you be safe from all those bacteria. Even the shower chair they provide may have defects. So you might think about buying an easy to carry shower chair.

Makes feel empowered

Disabled people are technically differently able. They have much more to offer to us. Same goes to the elderly too. They can give us their experience and advice which is difficult to get these days. So they deserve something in return too. Right? When they can do things by themselves, they feel a lot happier. They do not feel like they need help. This inspires them to do other things better. So that empowers them in a good sense.

Improves mental health

When the older or differently able people can get the independence of doing some of their own, they feel better. Their inspiration goes up and that helps them feel better. So the shower chair is a must have. You can sit down on the chair and enjoy the relaxing shower that will improve mental health.

Height Adjustable Shower Chair:

Sturdiness, comfort, safety and stability everything is combined in this shower chair. What else do you need in a shower chair more than that? It is one of the most perfect shower chairs out there. It’s not just me saying it. Reviews says the same.

Its height is adjustable from 12.5″ to 18.5″. To install the chair you do not need any tools at all. Its curved seat keeps comforting you even under the shower. It has four holes to drain away water while you have a shower so it does not feel you are sitting in a pool.

Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight:this shower seat only weighs 4lbs. this is very light for a shower seat and you can transfer here and there when needed.
  • Capacity:it can hold up to 250 lbs. despite being a lightweight seat. It does not compromise on quality that shows here.
  • Adjustable height:no matter you are tall or short you can adjust the height according to your comfort. The side handles will also comfort you and help you stand when needed.


  • Installing the chair is a little work for brain as it does not come assembled.

Drive Medical Plastic Tub Transfer Bench

Bath Transfer Bench for Elderly:

The transfer bench is mostly for people with very limited mobility. This one has pretty much everything that a transfer bench should have. It’s not even mad expensive. This does not cost too much compared to other transfer bench of this quality.

Its stability is amazing and you can rely on the armrest for standing up. You can install the armrest on any side of the chair. This is impressive because you do not have to calculate where the shower head is.

Features and Benefits

  • Capacity:its capacity is insane as it can take over 400 pounds at a time. Plus size can seat there with no worries. Another plus point is that it’s wider so you will not feel congested.
  • Adjustable:the seat height and backrest both are adjustable. So no matter how tall or short you are it’s not a problem anymore.

Stability: the foot of the transfer bench has a rubber suction. It sticks to the bottom of the shower and gives you stability to hold the handles for


  • The seat does not have any padding that can be uncomfortable for some people.

Vaunn Medical Tool-Free Assembly Spa Bathtub Lift Chair

Shower Lift Chair:

The shape may make you feel uncomfortable in the first sight. But trust me, this serves way better than it looks. It’s small but able to carry plus size person. Its back is detachable which is up to you if you want it. When the back is detached you can carry it more comfortable.

The armrest has pads on it and the legs are adjustable. It’s lightweight and portable. What else do we want from a shower chair?

Features and Benefits

  • Durability:the frame is anodized aluminum that is so sturdy that it can easily take 400lbs. do not take it lightly for its small appearance.
  • Lightweight and portable: The 4lbs chair is easy to carry around for any emergency. The armrest makes it easier to carry for its pads.
  • Safe to use:they make it of polyethylene that does not accumulate bacteria at all. The seat is curvy and does not feel slippery when you have a seat. The adjustable hands and feet help you do whatever makes you comfortable.


  • The back support is far from where it should be. This gives some hassle for a disabled person.