Benefits of Color Therapy

Benefits of Color Therapy

Colorful colors give us happiness, it makes our mind happy. You may have heard of several therapies, one of which is color therapy. Although few people know about this therapy, but the power of color therapy is very beneficial in calming your body and mind. Color therapy is an alternative therapy, which is done with different colors to correct physical and emotional problems. Does. Color therapy is also known as chromopathy, chromotherapy or color therapy. Let us tell you here why color therapy is done and what are its benefits.

Why is color therapy done?

Color therapy aims to correct physical and psychological imbalances. For example, if you are stressed, color therapy can help you reduce stress and calm the mind. Color therapy makes you physically and mentally strong and gives you energy. This color therapy dates back to ancient Egypt. The Egyptians believed in the power of light and used different colors of light to promote this therapy.

Benefits of color therapy

Color therapy involves certain colors, in which these particular colors have their own importance and have different advantages.

1- Red color – Red color, excitement, circulation, and mind is associated with the soul of the body. It also makes red blood cells. Red can overcome inertia and its spiritual significance is energy and power.

2- Orange color – It promotes sexual energy of the person. In addition, this color is useful for maintaining glow on the skin. It stimulates courage and promotes mental energy.

3- Yellow color – Yellow color stimulates your understanding and intelligence.

4- Green color – Green color promotes heart health, it keeps your heart healthy and away from diseases and helps in controlling blood pressure. Green can maintain body temperature and can also relieve problems like headaches.

5- Blue color- It is a cool color, which gives relief from skin discoloration. Blue color therapy is used to deal with problems such as bile and fever. This color calms the body and mind.

6- Purple color – Purple or Violet color is for the mind to have a sixth sense or intuition. It promotes your knowledge.

Color therapy creates a feeling of peace in you and it controls the energy flow.

It is helpful in curing joint aches and pains.

Color therapy can reduce the production of stress hormones.

It improves your focus, alertness, awareness and concentration.

Help reduce the risk of panic attack.

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