Basil Oil- An Ancient Healer by Nature

Basil Oil- An Ancient Healer by Nature

Did you ever use basil oil? If you don’t, this post will tell precisely why you should start. We all recognize basil as a nutritious herb used in cooking, but its application stretches well beyond the kitchen. This super herb with immense medicinal powers has been used for decades as a dry powder, essential oil, or herbal tea. The power of basil oil makes it ideal for flavoring sauces, it also gives it its medicinal properties. Basil essential oil has many health advantages that most people do not know about. It is considered anti-bacterial/anti-viral, it acts as an expectorant and it also helps in keeping alert. However, it is important to acquire it from a high-quality source. We are a leading Basil Oil manufacturers in India. The purity of oil plays a significant role in how effective it is when being used. The Oil produced by us is free from any kind of hazardous chemicals. We are counted among the leading manufacturers of Basil oil. Basil oil is abundant in linalool, which helps to relieve tension when applied to the temples and back of the neck and to reduce anxiety when diffused.

History Basil essential oil

Basil is a culinary herb of the Lamiaceae family and is considered one of the most aromatic plants that grow widely in different places around the world, particularly in Asia, North America, and Europe. Basil leaves popularly known as the ‘Queen of herbs’ in Ayurveda and is an important part of Indian society, be it customs, folk medicine, cuisine, and beauty. Basil Oil is extracted from the leaves of the Ocimum basilicum plant, also called Sweet Basil, better known as the Basil herb. Basil essential oil is extremely pungent and emits a sweet, warm, fresh, crisp scent. Its fragrance is further described as very camphorous with shades of spiciness that energize and activate the body and mind to encourage mental clarity, improve alertness, and relax the nerves to keep tension and anxiety away. The leaves and seeds of the basil plant are the medicinal parts of this herb, which is regularly used in cuisines and recipes all over the world. Basil is highly regarded in conventional Ayurvedic medicines. It was seen as a guardian of both physical and emotional well-being.

Key applications of Basil Essential Oil

It has become very popular in recent years and has been appreciated for its amazing antiseptic properties that help to treat acne breakouts, eliminate skin problems, soothe the skin, and enhance circulation. Basil has long been used in popular medicine as an anti-inflammatory and analgesic and for the treatment of symptoms such as headache, diarrhea, constipation, indigestion, and respiratory illnesses like bronchitis. We are the best basil essential oil supplier in the market and are offering top quality Basil Oil to our customers. It has an antioxidant effect and also has been used as a seasoning in cooking, as an additive to high acidity tomato-based products, and as an agent of acid-resistant bacteria in foods, particularly in pastry items, tinned meat products, and sausages. Additionally, it is an ingredient of various dental preparations and oral solutions owing to its antiseptic effects and it even repels mosquitoes. Various health issues can be treated with the help of this herb. From fixing small skin conditions to relaxing the nervous system, there are many ways to integrate this essential oil into everyday life by using it internally, topically, or by aromatherapy.

Let’s discover some great health benefits of basil oil:

•  Sooth skin and strengthen hair:  It is well known for treating symptoms of acne and other skin infections. As skin breakouts are mainly caused by built-up bacteria, excess oil, and small infections, basil oil can help because of its antibacterial properties.

It encourages healthy hair growth and reduces or slows down hair loss. You can also add a drop or two of basil essential oil to your shampoo to strip away excess scalp grease or buildup and making your hair smooth and lustrous. Also, it minimizes hair thinning by stimulating hair follicle

•  Digestive tonic:  Basil essential oil works like a digestive tonic. It helps in improving digestion and helps relieve intestinal gas and bloating. It thus helps in reducing the uncomfortable and uneasy feelings associated with constipation and poor digestion.

• Antibacterial properties: Basil essential oil is known to have antibacterial properties and is useful for treating infections such as cuts and wounds, skin infections, and infections of the bladder. It also fights viral infections that can find their way to the bloodstream from other wounds to attack the body.

• Stimulate Your Senses: The distinctive aroma of basil can have a relieving and relaxing impact on anyone who wants to lift their mood or combat stress & anxiety. Use it in a diffuser machine or sprinkle/spray diluted basil oil in your room, it will surely uplift your senses.

•  Treat respiratory ailments: Basil essential oil can alleviate symptoms of Asthma. It is known to help in the treatment of asthma, sinus infections as well as bronchitis. It can also be used to alleviate cold symptoms by inhalation.

•  Provides pain relief: It works as an analgesic. This means that the oil can help alleviate pain.  It is used for treating people with arthritis to help minimize the associated discomfort and is also used for sports injuries, sprains, wounds, headaches, and bruises.

• Insect repellant and air fresher: It works as an insect repellent and is antifungal. The smell of sweet basil essential oil helps in repelling insects and also removing the bacteria, which results in unpleasant odors in the environment. Hence you may also use it to remove the foul smell from fabrics and furniture.

Oral health: It keeps teeth and gums clean and healthy. It can also protect gums, as well as prevent cold sores or toothaches.

How to Use Basil Essential Oil:

The oil can be used in many different ways for a variety of purposes. The following are some of the ways how you can make use of basil essential oil:

Aromatically: Using a diffuser, rubbing into the palms of your hand and cupping around your nose, or inhale the aroma directly from the bottle. This helps in clearing breathing when you suffer from a cold. It has a refreshing effect when inhaled, so it is used for treating nervous tension, mental fatigue, melancholy, migraines, and depression.

• Topically: Basil essential oil can be blended with a carrier oil and applied topically and massaged into the skin. It enhances the luster of dull-looking skin and hair. The dilution rate for topical use of Basil essential oil is 3%. That means 6 drops to a 10 ml bottle. Taking bath in water infused with basil essential oil helps in relieving pain and enhancing your digestive function. Dilute two to three drops of the oil with a carrier oil and rub it into the sore and inflamed regions of your body helps alleviate the soreness and aching of muscles along with swelling, tightness, and inflammation of the tissues and when massage a little behind the ears it makes you heal better from any ear infection.

Internally: Basil essential oil can be used in cooking with some wonderful benefits beyond taste enhancement. Use 1-3 drops in a recipe in place of fresh or dried basil for flavor. Also, be sure of the quality of essential oil if you use essential oil in your kitchen.

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