7 Health Benefits of Vitamin B6

7 Health Benefits of Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine)

Vitamin B6 is part of the vitamin B complex. It plays a vital role in many functions of the body. It helps in detoxification of the liver, strengthens the blood vessels, relieves mood swings, and cures anemia and boosts neurotransmitters that are the messenger for taking brain signal to the central nervous system of the body.

The deficiency of vitamin B6 leads to fatigue, weakness in muscles, irritability, and erectile difficulties in males.  We need to consume B6 on a regular basis, as it is water soluble vitamin and is flashed out of the body.  It is one of the 8 important vitamins that are essential for cardiovascular health, immunity and metabolism and for males an erection process.

Health benefits of vitamin B 6

Improves health of blood vessels

Vitamin B6 ensures the health of blood arteries by regulating the homocysteine in the blood, which is derived from meat protein. The higher level of homocysteine leads to inflammation and cardiovascular diseases. The vitamin also maintains good cholesterol and keeps blood pressure down to lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases.  Males with inadequate blood supply have to use Sildenafil citrate 150mg to overcome erection difficulties. Food rich in B6 can reduce the need for erection boosting medicine.

Enhance Cognitive functions

Cognitive functions of our brain including ability to think, remember, learn, and focus attention and other brain related functions. Deficiency of B6 of vitamin B complex increases the risk of dementia and Alzheimer. This vitamin also supports the production of feel good hormones such as serotonin and norepinephrine. Many studies have pointed out the fact the depression cases were higher in patients with lower intake of this vitamin.

B6 for anemia deficiency

Hemoglobin in the blood cells takes fresh oxygen and iron from food we eat to the different cells in the body. The hemoglobin also takes carbon dioxide from all parts of the body to be expelled. Without adequate hemoglobin in blood, the oxygen and nutrient supply decreases in the body leading to physical weakness. B6 helps in creating hemoglobin in our blood cells.

Improves erection process in males

Males with erectile difficulties are not able to get the sufficient blood supply in the pelvic area. Even after sufficient stimulation, the erection process fails to take off. B6 enhances the production of testosterone in males. It also improves the neurotransmitters that support communication between brain and central nervous system for release of blood supply towards the male organ. Males using Levitra 40mg, higher dose for erection support can reduce the medicine dependency with eggs, beef, and carrots, melons, and buckwheat porridge, etc, all sources of vitamin B6.

 Support women in pregnancy and

Pregnant women need vitamin B6 for brain development and supporting immune functions. The supplement of the vitamin is used to women for dealing with premenstrual syndrome, depression and for menopause syndromes. Newborns are also given B6 to control seizures in case of pyridoxine dependent epilepsy. It is a rare genetic condition that can happen in newborn babies.

Boosts immunity

Vitamin B6 boosts immunity as studies have confirmed that the vitamin improved immune system in patients with very weak immune response. Lack of this vitamin affects the growth and production of immune players such as antibodies and lymphocytes. The two types of lymphocytes also get affected by the deficiency of B6. T cells which fight the invading bacteria in the body and B cells which create antibodies to kill viruses or bacteria. That is why the natural food sources of B6 should be part of the diet for a healthy immune system.

 B6 creates energy from food we consume

Presence of this vitamin helps the body convert food into energy for various body functions. The B6 helps enzymes break down the protein into amino acids that help the body grow and perform various functions properly. Males with lethargy often are recommended B6 rich food to get more energy from the food.

As mentioned vitamin B 6 is water soluble vitamin and any amount that is not used by our body is flashed out in urine. That makes it necessary to take vitamin B 6 on a daily basis. The amounts our body needs on a daily basis depends on age, gender, and pregnant, and breastfeeding women needs more of it. A well balanced diet with food items that are the natural source of the B6 will be sufficient to supply the required amount of vitamin. Take supplements only on the recommendation of a doctor.


Vitamin B 6 is critical in maintaining several body functions for a healthy growth. It supports a healthy heart and makes the immune system strong and ensures a healthy heart by clearing blood vessels. Take foods and fruits that are the rich source of B6 instead of relying on supplements.  Eggs, beef, buckwheat, chicken, peanuts, oats, soya, oranges and spinach are some common but rich B6 products. Males using medicines for erection can lower the need by incorporating the products in their diet.

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