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5 Tips: How to spot a Best-Selling Condo?

Singapore is known to have one of the most complicated property markets in the world. This is because this is widely affected by the number of people that are residing in it. These residents are not only Singaporeans but also foreigners from all over the world. They are driven or attracted to Singapore due to the fact that there are many job opportunities in this country. Opportunities from almost all industries are available in Singapore. All of the individuals try to get or land a decent living space for themselves. That is why the competition for a living pace here is tight.

Since there is a high demand for a living space, it is expected that there is also a high number of supply. There are many business people who have gotten into developing property in Singapore as it ensures success and profit. There is a saturation of supply thus it may be harder to choose. There are options like the landed properties, apartments, or condos like the Verdale Condo. In a proper market that is crowded with too many options, finding the perfect unit for you may be trickier than you thought. One of the best indications of good property is when it sells many units. It indicates that consumers are attracted to it due to positive reasons. For example, Penrose Condominium is one of the best-selling condo properties in 2020 as it has many perks. To help you land a perfect condo unit, here are 5 tips on how to spot a best-selling condo.

#1 Full or majority of units are occupied

One of the first indications of it being the best-selling condo is to be occupied. Occupancy indicates that renters or tenants are satisfied with the management. It can also be an indication that the amenities this condo offers stand out among the other condos within the area. For example, Verdale condo is one of the most sought-after condominiums as it has a very approachable management.

While Penrose Condominium is known for having one of the best amenities in the area. Tenants tend to extend contracts when the experience with the condo unit is great. That is why the number or rate of occupancy is a good sign.

#2 Well-maintained units and surroundings

Another indication of being a best-selling condo is to have a well-maintained unit and surroundings. This is a factor because condo units tend to have expensive maintenance fees. Keeping up and funding the maintenance and upkeep of an area may be harder to do when there are no to little tenants. When a condo unit is well-maintained it is more or less occupied with tenants. That is why it can maintain its available units and vicinity. One of the best-maintained condos is the Penrose Condominium. Another condo unit that is known for having a well-maintained unit and surrounding areas is the Verdale Condo.

#3 In a strategic location

Most best-selling condos are located in strategic locations. These locations are often considered strategic because of the convenience it offers. These locations are usually those that are in central business districts. They offer convenience through being near many infrastructures such as transportation. They are also usually near supermarkets, schools, parks, and many other institutions.

They are most favored since they offer convenience and it is proven that individuals can save more in the long run when they are located in these areas. They can save on transport costs and save time going to places. Verdale Condo is one of the condos that are located near schools, shopping malls, and transportation services.

#4 Comes with many amenities

Aside from being in a strategic location, the condo must offer many amenities. This can be observed when you do a viewing with your agent or through the landlord. Amenities like swimming pools, BBQ places, parking spaces, and gyms are the most common things condo management must be able to offer.

The more amenities from the condo developer, the more units are sold or rented out. Individuals choose those units that are worth their money, For example, Penrose Condominium offers all of these amenities at an affordable price that makes them more attractive to tenants.

#5 Built by a reputable developer

A best-selling condo is usually one that is built by a reputable developer. This information can easily be accessible because this is required by the government. A reputable developer is someone that has already built many condos in addition from the one you are eyeing. A condo complex that is built by a reputable developer is Penrose Condominium.

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There are many condo choices available in Singapore like the Verdale Condo. That is why one should be well-informed before deciding which one to take. To know more, visit SRX Property today!