10 Simple Ways To Deal With Anxiety And Panic Attacks

10 Simple Ways To Deal With Anxiety And Panic Attacks

Panic attacks and anxiety can slowly destroy your life. Your insecurities and fear will work against you and affects the quality of your life. If you fail to manage your anxiety and panic attacks, then you will go into depression. Here, in this blog post, we will discuss different ways to deal with anxiety and panic attacks.

1. Consume Vitamin B6 and Iron Rich Food

Vitamin B6 and iron help our body to produce serotonin. Serotonin is also known as a happy hormone. When serotonin is secreted in our body, then it makes us feel happy. This hormone helps in removing negative thoughts from our minds. Thus, this hormone helps us to cope up with negative thoughts and reduce anxiety.

2.  Have A Sound Sleep

You should have a sound sleep for 7 to 8 hours to relax your mind. When we sleep, then our body starts repairing itself. It will help in uplifting your mood and also give you the energy to deal with bad situations.

During the summer season, we wake up midnight drenched in sweat. If you want to sleep well, then it is imperative to maintain the ideal temperature. Install air conditioning Sydney to maintain the ideal temperature in your room.

3.  Practice Diaphragmatic Breathing

Rather than just doing deep breathing, you should practice diaphragmatic breathing to reduce anxiety and panic attacks. In deep breathing, only your chest will move. On the other hand, in this diaphragmatic breathing, your stomach will move in and out.

The diaphragmatic breathing will make you feel like you have a balloon in your belly. You should exhale more as compare to inhaling. You should take three seconds to inhale and four seconds to exhale. 

4.  Release Muscle Tension

It is important to release muscle tension to feel relaxed. Progressive muscle relaxation will reduce anxiety and panic attacks. First of all, you should do full body examination and release tension from each group of muscles.

It is recommended to start from your toes and gradually start moving in an upward direction. You should tense one group of muscles for a few seconds. After that, relax that group of muscles for 30 seconds. Repeat this process for a different group of muscles. 

5.  Remember That You Are Alive

If you experience a panic attack, then you should keep reminding yourself you are just experiencing a panic attack. You should start recalling the symptoms and try to calm down. You should stop judging your symptoms.

Always keep in mind that a panic attack is just a response of the sympathetic nervous system. Also, keep in mind that it will pass soon. Acknowledging symptoms of the panic attack is one of the best ways to deal with panic attacks.

6.  Reduce Drinking Caffeine

You should limit the consumption of caffeine because it can make you more anxious. Drinking or eating foods with caffeine can make you more anxious. This is because caffeine stimulates the central nervous system stimulant and aggravates the bad condition.

If you consume too much caffeine, then it will result in increased anxiety and panic attacks. According to some studies, caffeine can trigger anxiety and lead to a bad situation. You should know all sources of caffeine and avoid eating all those products that contain caffeine.

7.  Consume Chamomile Tea

According to the recent clinical research, it is observed that chamomile not just relax your mind but also decrease the anxiety level and help you to fight against depression. If you are feeling anxious, then you should take a sip of chamomile tea. It will significantly reduce the anxiety level and bring back you to a normal condition.

8.  Embrace A New Hobby

The best way to distract your mind is to engage yourself as much as possible. When you keep your mind engaged, then you will have less time to engulf in negative emotions. You should embrace a new hobby because it will help you to calm down, give you mental clarity, and you will be happier.

9.  Start Doing Exercise

According to the studies, if you do 0 minutes of exercise in a day, then it will help you to reduce symptoms of anxiety. If you manage to do regular workout, then you will observe that your mood will uplift significantly.

When you do regular exercise, then your body produces endorphins. According to some researches, your body will relax your mind and release tension from your body. Thus, it will help to control the anxiety and reduce panic attacks.

During summer, it is difficult to work out in hot & humid temperatures. Thus, it is recommended to install ducted air conditioning Sydney at home to maintain the ideal temperature for a workout. It will also help in reducing humidity and create a perfect ambiance.

10.  Believe Yourself

Confidence is key to manage anxiety and panic attacks. You should start believing yourself and overcome your fear. It will help you to manage anxiety and stress.

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