Light Bulb


Whether for safety or decoration purposes, LED lights are the best choice for cold weather. In addition, when the weather is cold, LED lights work best. They are also energy efficient and environmentally friendly. When choosing a best outdoor light bulbs for cold weather, you need to consider the following points:  Consider using LED bulbs-in cold weather; LED bulbs are the best choice because they work well in cold weather. In addition, these lights are energy-saving and environmentally friendly. However, for decorative purposes, it may be very bright. For decoration, LED lights with 200 lumens are very suitable.

When it comes to LED lighting, you don’t need to worry about working temperature, because the working temperature of LED bulbs can be lower than 0 degrees Celsius. Warm white (2,700K) is the most popular color because it looks bright, but it is also good for the eyes. Consider ideal symptoms, such as exercise testing, body fluids and measurements from evening to morning.


Energy efficiency refers to the production of every final electrical energy without wasting any electrical energy. Therefore, energy storage bulbs use less electricity for light as conventional bulbs. It is surprising to note that only 10% of the energy in a conventional bulb converts light into light. Another 90% of the heat is lost due to heat 1 (hence the name “incandescent lamp” because of the hot wire inside) Fire bulbs are not easy to consume energy! But energy-saving lamps can improve this by changing the ratio. More explanation will be given later.


In cold weather, it is my first choice for lighting (outdoor). It is a 9-watt LED bulb, which is equivalent to a 60-watt bulb. You only need to replace any 60W bulbs, halogen bulbs or CFL bulbs with this LED bulb, and you can save up to 85% of your electricity bill.

It  is very bright-750 lumens. It can withstand high temperatures of -4 F (-20°C) and is very suitable for winter use. Warm white (slightly yellow)-the color temperature is 2700K. These LED lights comply with UL standards for environmental safety and electrical safety.

In addition, the maximum service life of this amazing bulb is 10,000 hours. You will also get a 3-year warranty. This is a very basic LED outdoors-I can’t slow down, I can’t detect movement, and there is no liquid from evening to morning. However, given the reasonable price, this outdoor LED is worth complaining.


It’s not completely yellow as the manufacturer says, but it’s orange-Halloween. The color and flame effect are very suitable for creating a subtle atmosphere. You can switch between four modes: flame/breathing/normal light/gravity. When you turn on the light bulb, the light bulb automatically converts to a weight density model, which is perfect for creating secret experiences.

It has a good heat dissipation design, which improves its durability. The lamp does not contain harmful substances-it is safe for you and the environment. In addition, mosquitoes and insects do not like yellow light, so bulbs will not attract them like other daytime white lights. However, I think this bulb is not suitable for any occasion other than Halloween.


The Aukora bulb is very bright-1,000 lumens, which is very suitable for home safe use. The operating temperature ranges from 14°F (-10°C) to 95°F (35°C), so it is a good choice in winter.

Aukora safety light bulbs contain large sensors. The first type of fluid is a moving fluid that can detect movement within 10 feet in the dark. When you go home at night, this is a great feature that can light up the street or scare any potential thieves. The second liquid is the liquid at night.

However, the motion detection fluid cannot be adjusted. At night, it can work, even a little sensitive. However, when it is not completely dark, it feels insensitive.


It is compact and energy-saving. This 2W LED is equivalent to a 25W candle holder. In addition, LiteHistory Dimmable T6 effectively shrinks from 0% to 100%. The unique design helps to achieve a 360-degree tilt angle without black spots.

LiteHistory Dimmable T6 is suitable for indoor and outdoor, bedroom or yard; it can also use as a reading light with good and comfortable light. However, it does not have a good or bright light which may not be suitable for the front door.


It is thick and very durable. It is UL and Energy Star. It is certified to release low heat and does not contain mercury, UV, IR. This is the choice of you and the environment. This is a bright brightness of 800 lumens. It has two sensors. The liquid at night is very sensitive to photography, and photography can only be triggered by sunlight instead of artificial light, or you can turn off these sensors and let the moving liquid do the job. The motion detection effect is very good, so that the lighting effect of the garage door or front door is very good.


This is light having 3-year warranty. Only the light of the liquid TORCHSTAR A19 from evening to dawn is adjusted a little in the afternoon, and the light is turned off in the morning a few days later. Its high brightness makes this a minor problem.