Vape with Refreshment Menthol E-liquids you Must Buy in 2020

Vape with Refreshment: Menthol E-Liquids You Must Buy in 2020

Menthol is a synthetic or naturally occurring substance which is popular for its cooling properties. It has a wide array of uses including medicine and food. Its icy taste is quite popular in candy and chewing gum. Later, e-liquid manufacturers chose this element to put them in some e-juice variant as well. Both the PG and VG blend concentrations are available in varying proportion for a range of menthol e-liquids. There is also the availability of menthol shortfills and salt nicotine blends.

Most new vapers find this flavour as the ideal one due to the ban on menthol cigarettes and tobacco products. Apart from a strong taste, it can be paired easily with an array of fruit, candy and tobacco flavours that sometimes serves cool and sometimes serves sweet note. Strong flavours like citrus fruits and fizzy soda gets mild in taste when they get combined with menthol. The coil doesn’t get burnt, even when you use menthol liquid with high PG or VG ratio.

The sweet and floral base of e-liquid flavours get the mentholated effect with peppermint, spearmint and other mint e-liquid flavours in the UK, which adds an icy note to them. A vaporizer which allows high wattage vaping can bring out the icy note of menthol e-liquid. On the other hand, you will get a smooth texture of vaping with the lower wattage device. So, are you up for picking menthol e-liquid? If yes, then here is a number of vape liquids with a complimentary note you would love to explore. Find a few of them below-

  • Double Menthol from Simple Essential: If you are longing for purely minty menthol range, Double Menthol from Simple Essential is the one you must look for. A 10 ml bottle of Double Menthol comes with 50:50 PG & VG ratio. It is great for starters and can be better used with MTL vape pens and POD kits.
  • Frost from Element: This USA produced product is the mix of wide variety of bold flavours and one of the best-selling menthol e-liquid range. If you long for a super icy feeling with a hint of sweet mint, then Frost is the next thing you should try. When you will exhale, you will be complemented with a super icy blast.
  • Peppermint Breeze from IVG: Are you a menthol fan but also looking for a sweet side? Then the papermint Breeze will take to another level! It comes with a sweet bubble gum base that serves sweet flavours of banana and strawberry candy flavours that everyone will love. Whatever the flavour you choose, you will find a cooler note of crisp peppermint and the breeze that comes with 70:30 ratio of PG & VG.
  • Kanzi Iced from Twelve Monkeys: Kanzi is much more loved best e-liquid UK from one of the popular brands Twelve Monkeys. It is a delicious fruity vape that combines the flavours of strawberry, watermelon and Kiwi with a cool and ice-based note. It is tropical, exotic and offers the right amount of sweet and iced version that provides the minty coolness that vapers long for.
  • Lemon Sherbet Ice from Dinner Lady: If you are longing for flavours on fruit, sweets and menthol, then nothing can beat Lemon Sherbet from Dinner Lady.  With a tangible fizzy note of the tart lemon sherbet gives you a perfect balance of candy flavour complimented with a cool and refreshing sensation of ice.
  • Berry Cold from Large Juices: It can give you a rich and bold note of mixed berries with sweet and tangy flavour throughout. The flavour is complemented with the super cool sensation of ice upon exhaling. 
  • Dragon Fruit from Aisu: It is a two-note e-liquid that offers a subtle and crisp note of juicy dragon fruit with the cool flavour of menthol. This e-liquid is available in both the nic salt formulation as well as 50ml shortfill.
  • Heisenberg from Vampire Vape: This is quite a unique blend that excites vapers’ taste buds. The hint of aniseed and combination of dark berries with the bold menthol note offers an amazing sensation throughout. It gives you a fruity flavour with an overly sweet, spicy and super cool sensation. Both the regular freebase nicotine option and nic salt is available.
  • Slow Blow from Nasty Juice: At Nasty juice, you will find a tropical fruity option with a subtle menthol note. An herbaceous note of low mint you will get to experience throughout while trying this e-liquid from the UK. You will also find topped notes like pineapple and citrus-lime soda. The more you vape this flavour the more you will unfold.
  • Pomegranate, Kiwi and Melon from Rachael Rabbit:  It is known for the dessert flavours that is composed of menthol and fruit. The whole range stands out as the best with pomegranate and kiwi, which are balanced with softer and sweeter notes of melon finished with the cooling sensation of menthol.

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So, are you someone who wants to make a switch to vaping? If yes, then this guide may help you to pick the right e-liquid for an enriching experience.