Is The Lack Of Morning Erections A Concern

Is The Lack Of Morning Erections A Concern?

Morning erections or nocturnal penile tumescence as they are known scientifically is a natural erection process that happens in adult life. It is natural erection that occurs without physical or mental stimulation during the night. In fact several erections occur at night, and a man can get up in the morning with an erection.

While morning erection shows the healthy erection process, the lack of morning erections continuously for several weeks or months shows loss of prime erection health. Total absence is erection in the morning, cannot be labeled as onset of erectile dysfunction, but it is a sign that your erection graph has already touched the peak point, and now is on decline.

What is morning erection?

Morning erection is an erection in male organ that occurs at night and one gets up with it in the morning. It is totally without physical stimulation.  It is a normal process that happens during rapid eye movement. Anyone getting up during the rapid eye movement or after it can see erection that is totally unintentional.

 Nocturnal penile tumescence popularly known as morning erection or morning wood occurs in adult life to all males. It is a sign of healthy blood circulation and relaxed mind during sleep. Even children before the puberty age can experience morning erection. Morning erections have nothing to do with the thinking of the individual at the time. It signifies that blood circulation of a man is excellent and during the highly relaxed phase during sleep, when both mind and body were relaxed, the erection occurred.

 It cannot be cause of concern

During the teens, morning erection may occur on a daily basis as compared to later periods of adult life. The testosterone levels are at higher levels during the teens and early 20s. The level is highest after sleep that leads to erection in the morning.

From 20s to 30s, the morning erection may not be hard, but there is some enlargement in the male organ, as the blood circulation is smooth and testosterones are still in their higher levels. As we age, the level of testosterone starts decreasing leading to fewer morning erection. In the place of a hard morning erection, males may see some enlarged organ. Up to this level, there is no cause for concern. It just shows that there is a bit decline from the peak testosterone production level, which again is natural.

Some decline in erection degree is normal aging process

From mid 30 upwards the erection degree in the morning erection comes down. The hardness disappears and is replaced by an increase in size that is between flaccid position and an erection. Still it is not a cause of concern, as it indicates that there you had touched the peak testosterone and now it is time to come down. Normally, with mental relaxation and adequate physical stimulation, one gets an erection that is strong enough for intercourse.

You should be concerned when thoughts of intimacy fail to give an erection

Really concern should come when despite sufficient physical stimulation; you fail to get an erection. Whether you get morning erection or not, the day you fail to get an erection even when aroused with an intimate thought, you need to consult a doctor to get Generic Levitra 60 mg for higher erection issues. It is the first sign of erectile dysfunction, a condition in which males fail to get and sustain an erection for the completion of an intercourse.

Consultation with the doctor reveals the underlying causes of erectile dysfunction. Erection issues always have an underlying cause or causes. It can be less blood flow towards the pelvic area due to formation of cholesterol in blood vessels.  The uncontrolled diabetes, blood pressure, low libido, or mental issues such as stress, anxiety or depression also impact the erection process. Let the doctor judge the severity of your erection case to come to the right dose quantity. 200mg Sildenafil citrate  is prescribed for severe cases. It begins work in 45 minutes to support the erection capacity for 5 hours.

Separate the men from the boys

Lack of morning erections in teens and males in early 20s is a matter of serious concern. But in mature males, lack of erection in sleep or in the morning has nothing to do with erectile dysfunction. A man without morning erection can have a sound erection with physical stimulation with the partner. That is what matters, and that is what separates the men from the boys.


Morning erections are a sign of increasing levels of testosterone and faster blood circulation, but lack of erections in the morning is not a sign of erection difficulties. In fact it just underlines that your peak testosterone production levels are down and you should concentrate on health with a better diet and lifestyle modifications.

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