How to use a chainsaw

How to Use a Chainsaw – Safety and Guideline

You need a chain saw for cutting wood easily and quickly. Generally, we use a chainsaw for cutting trees and tree branches. So, we are starting our discussion about how to use a chainsaw.

First of all, you have to ensure about your safety. If you are a professional DIY worker. Then you have to wear safety suit and pant. In addition, you should take your Helmet and eye protection. You should come to your working place after wearing all kinds of safety.

You know, the chainsaw can make your work easy. But, sometimes it can hamper us. That is why, we need  safety first…

Whatever, you have to checked your battery charge, fuel, or corded and it depends on your saw’s operating. Then you will get peroration to cutting.

What do you want to cut?

Do you want to cut a full of trees? Then you have to check the tree-branches. If the branches are big you have to cut the breaches at first. Then you can start cut the tree trunk.

Every chainsaw has a starting system. For example, the gas chainsaw has starting chock and battery-electric chainsaw has starting buttons. You have to start your chainsaw by their starting system. After that, you can start tree cutting.

Ohh… You have to notice how the tree can fall in the land. You should  tie the tree with a rope so that it goes wherever you want.

When the chainsaw cut firewood or hardwood then you have to increase your saw’s speed. Notice, all chainsaw has a speed controlling system that you can control your saw.

If you want to  cut the tree-branches you do not need high speeds. If you buy a chainsaw only for tree-branches cutting then you can maintain your saw at very low cost. Do you know that? Because your saw does not need high power for cutting the branches. The branches are not strong. Many times, you have to climb up the tree for cutting the branches. So, use all safety for this.

How to use a chainsaw for milling

Tree cutting is finished! Now you must be kept in pieces the tree. The use is very easy for the milling. You can put the tree in the land and cut it easily. But, there is some technique for this to make your cutting perfect and accurate.

You can use the stand or cutting table to make pieces the wood. Remember, if you have any intention to use the stands or table then you should buy a chainsaw for milling.

Now, get the measurements of  how long you want to make your pieces. And, then start cutting again like a tree trunk. Yeah, you do not need many times to cut this. Because the main hard option is tree cutting. This work is very easy to make pieces of your tree.


Many times, we can destroy our life by a chainsaw. This is not enough to know how to use a chainsaw. Besides, you have to know that how can I stay safe when I use a chainsaw.

At first, you have to use a safety shoe to save your leg. I told you something about safety in the first part. But, the warning part is also a safety part for you. It is not difficult to use the chainsaw. Even, a new user can use it properly if he does a bit of practice. But, safety issues are not easy for everyone.

If you are a professional you must know about the Kickback. How dangerous is it! That is why you should buy a chainsaw to checking the chain breaker so that it can save you from the dangerous Kickback.

Another warning is that you should not use a small chainsaw for cutting any big tree. If you need a big tree that is 20 inches up in width than you have to use a 20 inch plus chainsaw.

In this case, small chainsaw like 16 inches, 12 inches and 14-inches  saws can be broken. They cannot tolerate the pressure to cut a big tree. The 12-inches chainsaw is made for cutting the tree branches and 14, 16-inches saw is made for cutting the medium trees.

If the small chainsaw broke for big tree cutting then you can hamper by this. The bar guide can break and it can come to you. The kickback controller cannot stop it. That’s why when it comes to you the chain can injure your body, hand, or face. So, be careful.


You know, the chain is the blade of a chainsaw and it is also dangerous for a user. You can cut smoothly with the chain. The chain can cut the hardwood easy and it can also cut the human body. Because the human body is not stronger than trees.

So, you should do everything safely. And, take care of the chain so that it cannot hamper you.

Chain oil is another important part of your chainsaw using. You need smooth cutting. Right? So, you have to notice the chain oil. Because the chain oil provides smooth performance. It makes the chain track smooth.

Besides, the chainsaw’s sharpness can be decreased after a long cutting. So, you have to make sharper your chainsaw buy grinder or any others.

Using handle

There are two handles in all chainsaws. You can hold the saw strongly by two handles. You hold the back handle with your right hands. And, you also hold the top handle with the left hand. This holding system makes easy and strong cutting.

The speed controlling trigger is in the back handle. It is very comfortable to control the speed by back-handle’s trigger.


When you use a chainsaw then you carry it. In this case, your saw have to be light-weighted. If you really want to comfortable work you have to use the lightweight chain saw.

A maximum chainsaw is made with lightweight.


A chainsaw is very important to our woodcutting. If you are a new person you do not need to worry about how to use a chainsaw. Because chainsaw using is very easy. In fact, any beginner can use a chainsaw easily. There is not much to learn about using.

But, the learning topic is safety and other issues that it has included in this article. I hope you will do the best for you and your work.

Furthermore, this is very important to select a chainsaw before buying. You should pick your chainsaw depends on your work. If you are a professional you should buy all sizes of chainsaw for every type of cutting.

Ok, my dear, thank you so much to read my how to use a chainsaw article…